Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Today Show

It's time again for our 2nd Annual Halloween trip down to Rockefeller Center for the Today Show! Due to Halloween falling on a Saturday the big Halloween show is tomorrow (Friday) morning. We'll try to get down there around 7:30, last year we got on the air sometime in the 8:00 hour. That's 8:00 for everyone, no matter what time zone your in, due to the airing delays.

Look for a lady bug, dinosaur, and a puppy!

We'll be with the Coe's, the ones who got us started on this last year, and the Probst's and maybe a few more families from church. Maybe someone out there can tape it for us, we still have not seen the show from last year.


Donna said...

I'll have to set my VCR!

Katie said...

We will be looking for you, thanks for telling us. I will ask my computer guru husband is he can record something and then email or something. I don't know if it can be done. But I can ask.

pam said...

Have fun! Costumes sound cute.

rachie said...

I'm thinking that in our household we will be looking for a ladybug, puppy and know we do not know what dinosaurs are! :) Have fun!