Monday, March 26, 2012


Lillie loves playing "house."  At any given minute she snaps in to "house" mode and we all take on different names.  She is always the Mom or the Baby.  Jack is Dad.  Elliott is Uncle.  Freddy T. is Grandpa and I am Grandmother.  

When she is in her zone she refers to all of us as our "house" names and if we ask Lillie to do something she corrects us and says "I"m Mom, or I'm baby," then proceeds to do what we ask.

Catching Up

I'm going to share a hodge podge of pictures and stories from over the past month.  I have not been good about blogging at all.  Be sure to scroll back a few post to catch up on a few others.
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A few weeks ago it was a rainy Friday.  Elliott announced that he wanted a "hunkburger" (hamburger).  I told him we didn't have any.  He then proceeded to ask where we could find one.  He then said "can we get a hunkburger from Old McDonalds?"  We don't frequent McDonalds often, but it was hard to resist this particular request.  Also, it was Freddy T.'s day off and I think he wanted some peace and quiet, especially since it was raining and we had been couped up all morning inside.  So we headed out.  This was in the elevator on our way to the bus.
 The weather here last week was amazing.  We spent the majority of our days outside.  
 On this particular day Lillie and Elliott were almost inseparable.  Lillie sat down on the playground pouting about something and Elliott sat right beside her till she was ready to play again. This happened several times this day.
 Yesterday after church I needed to go to the grocery store.  I typically have the twins in a stroller at the store and Jack pushes a kid cart.  I did not take my stroller to church this particular day so I had them all loose in the store.  They each grabbed a kid cart and followed me around the store.  We took turns loading items into each cart.  They did amazingly well.  They all obeyed and followed me all through the store.  It was like leading a parade and we got lots of looks and comments.  Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.
 Jack has been asking for a lock for his scooter for a while so he could ride it to school and keep it locked up.  Finally in late February we got around to getting one.  This was his first afternoon riding his scooter home.  His classmate Elena had her scooter as well.  They raced from school to the corner.
 Ever since we got rid of of the paci's nap time has been quite challenging around here.  Lillie and Elliott aren't really tired till around 1:30 or 2, but by then we are getting ready to get Jack from school, so they don't get much sleep and then are very grumpy.  We've just been having a little quiet time or nothing at all.  It's sometimes hard during the day but it has helped bedtime go more smoothly.  On this day they had been very quiet for rest time and I went in their room to get them up and this is what I found.  They were sitting in the floor right beside each other and Lillie immediately thew her arm around Elliott and smiled.  
 This picture is pretty blurry, but this was on the bus one day.  Jack just laid his head over on Lillie's lap and she rubbed his head and back.  Not bothered at all.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jack's Thoughts

Jack is a sweet funny kid.  He comes up with really cute ideas and thoughts all the time.  Here are a few recently.

He asked me the other day if he could write his own Christmas list this year.  I told him he could and he said "you better watch out... I'm putting a dog on it!"  He had a huge smile on his face.  Freddy T. said Jack must have forgotten who Santa Clause really is :)

A few evenings ago I took the kids to Gallery Church to be there when the group for City Uprising came in.  After we left church and were headed home we were waiting to cross the street and the bus pulled up to the stop.  As soon as we got the walking signal Jack tore off across the street and ran to the bus and held the door open so we would not miss it.  I wasn't too far behind running, pushing the stroller with Lillie and Elliott in it.  Once we got seated I looked at Jack and said "Jack, thanks for running and holding the bus for us."  He smiled and said "don't thank me, thank my shoes!"  So funny!  He is convinced his shoes are the fastest ones out there.  He'll only wear other shoes on days he thinks he doesn't have to run, which is rare.

Last night I said "Jack, I still need you to help us think of a name for your baby brother."  He said, "You can come up with the first name, I'll try to think of a middle name, and his last name is easy, it's Wyatt, so we don't have to think about that one."  A few minutes later he said, "I figured it out, Your name is Susan Beth and Lillie is Lillie Beth.  I'm Jack Thomas and daddy is Freddy Thomas, Elliott is Elliott David and he doesn't have anyone to share his middle name with, so the babies middle name needs to be David, that way we all have a partner."

Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Boy!

It's official, we'll be adding a baby boy to our family!  We found out last Friday and there is no denying it is a boy, although I'll spare you the picture :)  I'll go again in 4 weeks for the full anatomy scan.

Jack has been convinced that this baby was going to be a girl.  He told us the night before we found out that he had been talking to God a lot about this baby and asking him to make it a girl.  I was kind of nervous to break the news to him.  When I told him he was at first disappointed, but I quickly told him that it meant we would have 4 boys in our family and 2 girls.  His face lit up and he smiled and said "that means the boys win!"  "God must have wanted the boys to win!"  Now he is excited about another brother and hasn't mentioned girl again.

Lillie and Elliott know its a boy, but they don't have a great concept of what all is going on other than there is a baby in my belly and someday they'll see it.

We're excited to think blue again.  Now if we can just figure out a name!  This one's going to be tough.