Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Challenge

One of the challenges Freddy T. and the staff at Gallery Church gave the congregation, during the Easter season, was to gather a group of people or one person on Good Friday or the day before and read Mark 15.  We got a great idea from one of our friends in the church to invite people over to dye Easter eggs and let them know we would be reading part of the Easter Story.  So we invited a handful of friends from Jack's school and our neighbors over.  We had a great time decorating eggs and hanging out and Freddy T. read the Easter story from the Jesus Storybook Bible, since the majority of our audience were little ones.  
 I think we had 25 cups of dye.  A little risky, but no big problems.
 Jack was so excited to share the story from this book.  We read from it most nights before the kids go to bed.

These guys paid close attention the whole time.
Overall, including our family, we had 7 adults and 12 kids!  Everyone had a great time!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

His Name Is...

This little monkey officially has a name!
Parker David Wyatt
The kids have been calling him Parker for weeks, but we had our final family meeting today over lunch and made it official. It may seem strange to make his middle name David since that's Elliott's middle name, but Jack thought it was appropriate since he and Freddy T. share the middle name Thomas and me and Lillie share the middle name Beth, that Elliott and Parker share a middle name. I really like that he put so much thought and logic into it, so we're going with it.

Can't wait to meet this little guy sometime in August! As for now, my stomach is already pretty big... kind of having a hard time imagining another 18 weeks with this growing boy!

Sunday, April 08, 2012


Happy Easter! 
I had not planned on doing anything fancy for Easter.  We haven't the past few years and the year before that the kids just got their swim suites in their Easter basket.  They don't even have Easter baskets.  The ones we had ended up breaking because we really don't have space to keep stuff like that and it stay in one piece.  I have had intentions the past year or so to make felt Easter baskets, just never get around to doing it.  Anyway... Saturday Jack asked if we were going to have an egg hunt.  I had not planned on it, but told him he would have to wait till Sunday to find out.  After the kids went to bed Saturday night I headed out to Walgreen's to purchase plastic eggs and create some kind of egg hunt in the apartment for when they woke up Easter morning.  Notice they had to use their Candy Corn Halloween bags to hunt their eggs with.

 Freddy T. had to get Jack's "big" egg off the top of the mirror, Jack could not reach it himself.

 Lillie woke up about an hour after the boys so the fun of an egg hunt was over.  She didn't seem real interested.  She just sat in the floor and let the boys bring her all the eggs that belonged to her.

They had a good time.  

We headed to church and had a wonderful Easter service at The Gallery.

Afterwards we ate lunch in Madison Square Park and ran into our friends, the Chockley's, so we joined them.  The kids had fun playing.  Afterwards it was a pretty typical Sunday afternoon.  The kids were worn out from the weekend and all took a nap, myself included.  

Here are a few shots of the kids helping take down and store the Gallery Kid area.  It has to be set up and torn down each week.  

Jack is moving the gates, they are pretty heavy. 
 Elliott is hauling a mat.  Look behind him you can see Lillies head....
 Here is her contribution.  Hanging on and going for a ride!
 Lillie and her buddy Sadie.