Monday, November 29, 2010

Passion 2011

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


What a month! It's been good, full, busy... maybe we are really more tired than we even know! The month of November proved to be pretty busy for our family. Freddy T. had to travel on several occasions so he was way for a few short periods of time. My mom and grandmother came to visit during one of those times. It was nice and helpful to have a few extra helping hands. I hosted a girls night one evening, an open invitation to all the girls at The Gallery to just come over and hang out for dessert and coffee. We had probably 10 girls here. It was fun to get together with them. Other than those things, we've been plugging away like normal. We've had a few play dates and outings, a few people over for dinner, a few dates, just a little bit of everything.

The main reason for the lack of blogging is that I now have 2 two year olds. I think that says enough and needs no explanation, but sometimes I think that unless you've actually experienced it, you just cannot understand. They feed off of each other. They encourage each other in bad behavior. They can be really sweet and they can be nothing but trouble.

One day I was in the bedroom folding clothes and the kids were playing. May I remind you, we live in an apartment, one room is not far at all from one at the other end of the apartment, we are in close quarters. I noticed the apartment was nice and quiet and then I got worried. I went to go check on everyone and found Lillie and Elliott in the kitchen. They had opened the freezer and pulled out the baking soda and dumped the whole box on the floor and were sitting in it playing, having a great time!

A few mornings ago, after my shower, I went into the kids room to get them out of their beds, where they were supposed to be having some quiet time and book reading time. Again, it was strangely quiet in there. When I walked over to Lillie's bed this is what I found. Elliott had thrown his pillow over to her bed, she took the pillow case off and unzipped the pillow and pulled out all the stuffing. Fluffy stuff was everywhere. She started crying when I noticed it.
I made play dough the other morning. It held their attention for a little while. Jack played forever, the twins not quite as long.
This is Freddy T. reading to the kids before bed. This is typically a time for Lillie and Elliott and Daddy. This particular night Jack joined in. Clearly he is not headed to bed at the moment.
And this is how our living room looks on a semi-regular basis if we've been home all day.
We also had a big Thanksgiving feast at our home Thursday night, 12 people plus my kids. I'll post about that in the next post and last night Freddy T. and Jack went on their yearly adventure to buy our Christmas tree. Just wait till you see the size of the one he brought home. It's a big, beautiful tree.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Joe Garrad Photography

Joe Garrad is not only a good friend of ours, he is a gifted photographer. Check out a few shots he's taken recently that involved our family in one way or another.
This is Mark and Becky Gebel. They got married on our anniversary this year and Freddy T. had the honor of being one of the pastors to marry them. You can tell it was late in the night, Becky is sporting her red converse and I'd kicked of the heels and got comfortable in my flip flops. Mark and Becky have been at the Gallery since the start and are faithful servants in our church. They were married in a park in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge was the backdrop. It was really beautiful! The reception was held at the Salt Space, where we gather for worship and where the Gallery Church offices are held. It was fun to celebrate our friends wedding in NYC. Most of the time people go to their home state or just somewhere cheaper to get married.
"I've never seen a TV like that before"
These past few shots were taken at The Gallery Church retreat. About a month ago we loaded up 4-5 big 15 passenger vans and headed out of the city to the Schooley Mountains. The church retreat is on of the best events we have each year. It is so great to get away with church family and have 2 full days of uninterrupted fellowship. You can see a group shot on Freddy T.'s blog.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Lillie and Elliott!

Happy Birthday Lillie and Elliott!

2 Years Old

So hard to believe! We took cupcakes to the park yesterday and met some friends there for a small, birthday celebration. I've tried to get cute pictures, they don't really care to cooperate, so to document their second birthday, it is what it is!

Lillie and Elliott are lots of fun. They certainly keep us on our toes. I can only imagine, maybe I have no idea, what the next year will bring for them. Terrible twos times two.... here we come!

We gave Lillie and Elliott their gifts yesterday morning, because we were headed to the park for their "party" and knew they would want to take it with them.
Before you shake your head in shame, let me explain the gifts :)
(The shame being my little boy got a doll and stroller for his birthday)
There were several factors that went into this decision:
1. Lillie loves playing with other kids strollers in the park, so I knew she would get one for her birthday.
2. At this point in the game I refuse to get a gift that is going to be fought over, so I had to buy 2 strollers.
3. I found a pattern online for the baby doll and wanted to try to make it, so I did. Then I decided I would give it to Lillie with her stroller. Then I needed something for Elliott, so I made one for him (free handed, no pattern, clearly I needed on). I know Elliott's is not the cutest thing you've ever seen, and I had no idea how to make it look boyish, so I made him a hat, but to a 2 year old who doesn't know the difference I believe it will be loved!
See he just uses it as a snack transporter.
At the park. She put some miles on this thing yesterday.
He climbed up and down a lot of steps with his.
I made cup cakes. Our friend Jen babysat Friday night and she and Jack decorated them. There was a special "L" and "E" made out of M&M's.
It was so windy, so we could only get one candle to light and only for a second, so we sang real quick and then dug in!
Last year I ordered "1" shirts from Etsy. When I got them in the mail I realized I could make something similar on my own so that's what I did this year for their "2" shirts.
I really wanted to get a cute picture of them alone and together in their shirts, but they were not interested in it, so here's all I have.