Sunday, November 28, 2010


What a month! It's been good, full, busy... maybe we are really more tired than we even know! The month of November proved to be pretty busy for our family. Freddy T. had to travel on several occasions so he was way for a few short periods of time. My mom and grandmother came to visit during one of those times. It was nice and helpful to have a few extra helping hands. I hosted a girls night one evening, an open invitation to all the girls at The Gallery to just come over and hang out for dessert and coffee. We had probably 10 girls here. It was fun to get together with them. Other than those things, we've been plugging away like normal. We've had a few play dates and outings, a few people over for dinner, a few dates, just a little bit of everything.

The main reason for the lack of blogging is that I now have 2 two year olds. I think that says enough and needs no explanation, but sometimes I think that unless you've actually experienced it, you just cannot understand. They feed off of each other. They encourage each other in bad behavior. They can be really sweet and they can be nothing but trouble.

One day I was in the bedroom folding clothes and the kids were playing. May I remind you, we live in an apartment, one room is not far at all from one at the other end of the apartment, we are in close quarters. I noticed the apartment was nice and quiet and then I got worried. I went to go check on everyone and found Lillie and Elliott in the kitchen. They had opened the freezer and pulled out the baking soda and dumped the whole box on the floor and were sitting in it playing, having a great time!

A few mornings ago, after my shower, I went into the kids room to get them out of their beds, where they were supposed to be having some quiet time and book reading time. Again, it was strangely quiet in there. When I walked over to Lillie's bed this is what I found. Elliott had thrown his pillow over to her bed, she took the pillow case off and unzipped the pillow and pulled out all the stuffing. Fluffy stuff was everywhere. She started crying when I noticed it.
I made play dough the other morning. It held their attention for a little while. Jack played forever, the twins not quite as long.
This is Freddy T. reading to the kids before bed. This is typically a time for Lillie and Elliott and Daddy. This particular night Jack joined in. Clearly he is not headed to bed at the moment.
And this is how our living room looks on a semi-regular basis if we've been home all day.
We also had a big Thanksgiving feast at our home Thursday night, 12 people plus my kids. I'll post about that in the next post and last night Freddy T. and Jack went on their yearly adventure to buy our Christmas tree. Just wait till you see the size of the one he brought home. It's a big, beautiful tree.


Katie said...

I have experienced two year olds just not two at the same time. Just know that this too shall pass. I wanted to tell you that my friend that has the 4 kids, her husband decided to go to the Bronx for his residency. I didn't know if they have contacted you, but they might when they start looking for a place to live. They don't move up there until March and they have to sell their house here. I told them about the gallery. So maybe you will be able to add another girl to your girls night later on.

pam said...

I am laughing so hard! That pic of Lillie crying is hilarious! She got caught! Little rascals! I remember those days well! The girls coming over for coffee and dessert sounds like fun! How nice to have your mom and grandma to visit. Is it still warm in NYC like it is here in TN? God bless your family!

Donna said...

The picture of Lillie crying is funny but at the same time it makes me want to pick her up and hug her. Hope Jack is doing okay and not in any pain. Can't wait to see the Christmas tree. I broke two ornaments myself this year decorating my own tree. Thanks for the post. Love all of you! Donna

B.J. Caulfield said...

I definitely laughed reading about the baking soda. I suppose there are more dangerous items kids could get into. I only have one two year old (plus a 5 year old) so I could not imagine having another one for them to feed off each other. Wow. You go girl. :)

Christi said...

Bless your heart :) Love you!

pam said...

Hopefully I didn't sound insensitive about my earlier post, that was not my heart's intent at all. Praying for you, Susan. May God continue to bless.

Donna L said...

I well remember the 'oh no, it's too quiet' stage.
Wesson oil in the floor as we were getting ready for church about says it all.
I can smile now, but it was hard at the time.
Love hearing how they are growing up!