Monday, June 27, 2011

A Few Pictures From TN and GA

Here are a few snapshots from our time in TN and GA.
Lillie, Elliott, and Jack got to ride on Gramp's lawn mower. I didn't catch a picture of Jack, but here are Lillie and Elliott.
Elliott playing with Freddy T.'s old truck "Smokey". It's a little blurry.
This was the first time I've ever taken all 3 kids into Walmart. I think it was Lillie and Elliott's first Walmart trip ever!
The reason for the trip was to buy a baby pool for my mom's patio. Here's how we got it home.
They LOVED playing in that little pool.
This is very random, but at my mom's Lillie got into my old curio cabinet and took out my first pair of ballet shoes and wore them around the house. She loved wearing them.
We took a trip with my Dad down to Georgia to visit my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins. I hate that I didn't get a picture of my dad or my grandparents with the kids. I don't know what I was thinking. We were only there for about 2 days. Our full day there was spent around the pool at my aunt and uncles house. The kids had so much fun. Lillie and Elliott warmed up to the water pretty good. It was perfect preparation for the beach. Jack is a little more timid when it comes to pools. He takes his own sweet time getting comfortable. We had a major breakthrough that day though. Jack for the first time moved away from the pool steps. He was quite proud of himself, and so were we!
We left from GA on a Saturday morning, I rented a car for me and the kids to drive down to the beach in Florida for vacations with Freddy T.'s family. It was a 6 hour drive and I managed by myself. The kids were champions. We only stopped once and it was for a quick pee pee break and to walk around for a few minutes, other than that we kept moving along. I can't believe how smooth the drive went. This was us leaving my aunt and uncles house headed to Florida.
More pictures to come from our time in Florida.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Taste of More To Come

The past few months have felt so busy. My blogging has really taken a back seat to all we've had going on. Freddy T. has shared with you a little about our moving process, but we actually began packing 2 or 3 months ago and are now just a few things short of having everything pretty much in place. It will feel so good to be settled in. The kids room still needs some decorating attention, but it's going to have to wait. Once that is done is when everything, to me, will feel finished, but that will take some time. I'll try to post some pictures of the apartment next week. So far we LOVE being in a new location and new apartment. Our apartment feels like such a good fit for our family. Even though we've down sized to a 1 bedroom, everything fits in this apartment better than any other we've had. Our neighborhood could not get any better. One day soon I'll take pictures outside so you can see how wonderful it is here.

In the past month we did some traveling. We spent a few weeks in TN with our family. My sister graduated from high school and it was great to be there for that and celebrate with our family, the kids had fun playing with their cousins, I got to take a special, quick trip down to Florida to celebrate my best friend getting engaged, we traveled with my dad down to GA to visit my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins, and finally finished up our travels with a family beach trip to Destin, FL with Freddy T's family. I'll post pictures and more detailed posts later, there is just so much to catch up on.

Since we've been home I've been trying to get back in a routine, but with 3 weeks of travel and moving right before that, it's taking me a little longer than normal to find my rhythm again. That being said, we've spent quite a bit of time out in the new neighborhood enjoying some of the new playgrounds and activities offered down here. Again I'll blog about this in more detail soon.

So... that was kind of a jumbled mess. I'm ready to get back in my blogging routine and look forward to catching everyone up. The next few posts will be mixed with some recent things going on and some out of date, but I still want to have things documented, so bear with me.

I'm trying to get some pictures off my phone and I need to get a few more from some other people. Thanks for hanging in there with us, looking forward to being back on our normal track.

Here's the only picture I have at my fingertips for this post.
Congratulations again Sarah!
(me, my sister Sarah and my brother James)