Monday, October 23, 2006

Thus goes the journey...

I apologize for the delay in posting. Thanks to all who have been waiting so patiently. Things have not be crazily busy, other things have just come before the blog. Some of my time has been given to a new inititative I have spearheaded called The Resource Network. It is a resourcing and retreat ministry for a network of good friends of mine who have been called into vocational ministry. It has been exciting to see the ministry get off its feet and begin in its infant stages. We share personal resources at the site above, and have retreats twice a year to get away for prayer, silence, solitude, fellowship..etc...We had our first retreat the first weekend in October and things are rocking right along.

Last Thursday night, Susan and i began our birthing classes. They did not waste anytime, as they showed us the video of a live birth...oh my. I had not previously seen the video as Susan did in High School, but oh man. I really don't know what to say about this video. I just gotta get ready for the real deal. We pick up our baby bed today! I'm very excited about putting it together. Susan has a couple of showers this coming weekend. While she is excited about all the goodies people will give Jack, she's more excited about just getting to see all the folks she hasn't seen in a while.

I will wrap up preaching at First Baptist on December 3rd. They will be renovating the old Sanctuary that we meet in through December and January. Because Susan and I want Jack to be born in the city we live in, and not have to drive back to Louisville after he is born, we will be staying in Louisville for Christmas. While I think it will be both of our first Christmas' away from home, I'm still excited. I know it will be a little sad, but I think it will be fun to have Christmas with just Susan and I as we are on the brink of having Jack. I'm actually counting on Jack coming around Dec. 18-20th even though he's due on Jan 1. I told folks we're gonna go eat mexican and jump on trampolines through December...ha! On Jack coming early, check this our class on Thursday night, there was a lady due Nov 1st. Susan is due Jan 1st and was twice as big as this other oh yeah, I'm still holding out for two!

Well, that is all for now...more real soon.