Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Elliott's Jr Yellow Belt

Today Elliott took his test for his yellow belt.  He has been waiting for this for a long time.
Elliot is in a class called Little Tigers.  This class is for 3-5 year old's and their curriculum is more basic than the children's class that Jack is in.  Their basically on a junior belt system and they can test right after class.  Elliott will move up in belt colors and once he masters the 5 junior belt levels, or outgrows the class, he will test for his official yellow belt.  
We are really proud of Elliott!

Front Kick
Getting his yellow belt tied on
Elliott and Instructor Alex

Random Happenings in June

Random happenings in June

 Our friends the Probst's came to visit.  We had a little picnic in Central Park.
 Parker is discovering all he can get into in the kitchen.
 Lillie told me she needed some shade on our walk home.
 Elliott's favorite building is the Clock Tower in Madison Square Park.  This is an art piece of the Clock Tower on display in front of the Flatiron Building.
 Freddy T. and his girl
 Jack presenting his Realistic Fiction story during his last Publishing Party at school
 Lillie and Elliott practiced buying lunch one day at school, getting ready for Kindergarten
 Parker's first time at the water playground
 Jack playing with buddies at the park
Lillie getting a little brave on the swings.

Family Photo

June 2013

Susan, Lillie (4 1/2), Jack (6 1/2), Elliott (4 1/2), Freddy T., Parker (10 months)

Gran and Gramps Visit

In early June Gran and Gramps came to visit.  We had a fun, full weekend with them.  They got to see Jack play Teeball and get his yellow belt at TKD.  We spent some time at the playground and went to the annual BBQ Festival in Madison Square Park.  It's always fun to have family visit up here.  

 Freddy and Parker on the bus heading to church.
 Mary Coleman's knee was bothering her, so Freddy T. gave her a ride to dinner.
Freddy and Ed Mitchell 

Last Day of School- PreK and 1st Grade

The school year went by fast this year!  The kids had their last day on June 21st.  The official last day was the 26th, but we headed to a camp in FL with Freddy T., so the kids missed the last few days.  

Here are our traditional pictures in front of the brick post in front of our building.
I feel like I took babies to school in September and brought home big kids.





 Yay!  Last day of school!

On Elliott and Lillie's last day they had a little Pre K graduation program in their classroom.

 Lillie and friends.
 Elliott and friends.

The theme of graduation was Fireworks.  They sang Katy Perry's Firework song and as they received their certificate they were given a handful of confetti to throw up in the air like fireworks.

 Last order of business in Pre K was an ice cream party.

 Lillie couldn't wait for the toppings, she was licking the bowl.

 Lillie and Elliott had the best Pre K teacher.  Mrs. Cornoni was full of energy and made learning so much fun.  The kids learned so much.  They were only in school from 8:20 am- 10:40 am and I'm amazed at all she fit in to a few hours each day.  The kids LOVED her! 

 Mrs. Rani was the full time assistant in their class.  She was so caring and compassionate with the kids.  The two teachers together were a great team.

Jack would not let me come to his classroom in the morning to take one final picture, so I brought my camera after school and snuck a few pictures.  Jack had a great year in 1st grade.  His teacher was Mrs. Pascale.  She grew up in Manhattan and came from a family with 4 kids, so they have a little in common.  The cut off date for school in NYC is December 31.  Jack's birthday is December 24, so he is the youngest kid in his grade.  There are no other school systems that have a cut off date that late.  Most are August, September at the latest.  Jack worked so hard this year.  By the end of the year he was meeting grade standards, but it was hard work to get there.  We don't want every year to be a fight to keep up, and maybe it wouldn't be, but because of this and his late birthday, we've decided to let him do 1st grade again.  We think it will only strengthen his foundation in school and be better overall for him.  We're excited that Jack will get to have Mrs. Pascale again next year.  She was great to work with and he really liked her.  Jack is looking forward to a new year in 1st grade.  He has an amazing attitude about it.
 At PS 40, each child is required to shake their teachers hand as they leave.  

Monday, July 29, 2013

Jack- Yellow Belt TKD

In June Jack took his yellow belt test in Tae Kwon Do.  
This is the group that was testing.  You can see Master Yoo and Master Jeffery standing and Grand Master Kim judging the kids.
 Jack had to break a board.  It was a thin one, but he did it on his first try.
 Congratulations Jack!  We are so proud of you!

Parker: 11 Months

11 months already!  Parker has the sweetest personality.  I'm still trying to get him to sleep through the night.  I'm hoping it's just a matter of time.  He is starting to eat some solids and trying milk from a sippy cup.  He crawls everywhere, fast, and pulls up on everything and is starting to take a few steps around the furniture.  Parker learned a new trick this month, waving bye bye!  He laughs at his brothers and sister a lot.  They really love Parker and pay him lots of attention.  Again, picture taking with the sign is next to impossible.  We love this little guy.