Monday, September 29, 2008

NYC Mission

The NYC Mission website is up. Folks can't believe that the domain name was available. Just another evidence that there is great need for Christ and church planting in NYC!

Did you know...
That for the church per person ratio in the New York Metro area to mirror that of a typical southern state, we need well over 2o,000 new churches planted in the NY Metro area.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

One More Week

We are down to our last week here in Clarksville.  This morning Freddy T. and a few men loaded the truck that will pull out on Monday with our things.  Freddy T. is flying out Thursday to meet the truck and unload it, Me, Jack and Hannah will leave Friday.  We are ready to be with our things and settle into our new home.  We get possession of the keys today and they are building a wall in our living room today to create Jacks bedroom.  Paint will go on the walls early in the week and we'll call our little apartment home by next Friday.  I want to post some pictures soon... our camera cord is somewhere in a box, hopefully!  We'll show you around our new home as soon as we can.  Till then, thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks for praying! NYC update...

Last post I requested prayer for finding an apartment. Thank you for praying! We believe we have found our new home...James Tower on the corner of W90th adn Columbus. God answered this prayer in a special way. Susan's OBGYN's office is actually in our building. The first two floors of our building is retail space. Unless something backfires (flexibility is your lifeblood as a missionary), that will be our future home. It is a very small space in a great location. One long block from Central Park, 6 Short blocks from our Sunday morning worship gathering, and surrounded by great cafe's. I've already found online, two sushi places pretty close!

I will be posting more about what our specific needs are very soon, but for now let me direct you to how you can begin supporting us financially in addition to your prayers. FBC is currently taking up a love offering, so if you are a member there, that is a current avenue for giving. Anyone can give specifically to our support on the Gallery website. Go to the website by clicking here.

The specific instructions for giving are:
1. Click on the Gallery Info Tab at the top right of the home page.
2. A drop down menu should appear. Then click on "online giving". This will bring up a whole new web page.
3. On that new web page, click on create an account. Fill in all the proper information. This is going to allow you a very convenient opportunity to give.
4. Once you have created an account, log in.
5. Once you've logged in, select the fund The Gallery Church. The page will adjust with a new Sub Fund menu.
6. Click on the Sub Fund menu and select Freddy and Susan Wyatt.
7. Finish filling out the proper should be very easy.

Again, we will be sharing what our specific needs are very soon, so stay tuned. We are in awe of God and His call! Trusting Him...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

NYC prayer update

This is Freddy T. here...Susan has ruled this blog for some time now, but this morning I sensed I need to ask our blog readers to pray with us on a few specific things. By the way, Happy 4year anniversary Susan! I love you, you are amazing!

I've shared with 3 prayer requests consistently for several weeks now when people have asked. Those requests are:
* that God would sustain our faith
* that God would blow us away with the support that comes in
* and that God would help the transition for FBC to go as smoothly as possible.

Those are still the primary requests. I'll share more real soon about how you can contribute to our support! But the prayer request I have today is on housing...

We have several folks in NYC scouting out housing for us and we're searching the online databases around the clock. There are plenty of apartments out there, but we'd like you to pray with us that we find one within our budget that meets our needs. We need to nail down on this in the next week and a half.

Thanks so much for praying with us...stay tuned to for other updates!