Friday, May 25, 2007

Dragons and Swimming

I was going to let the dragon comment slide, but now that Kristi commented about it I'll explain. The anonymous blog comment came from some close friends of ours who we love spending time with. Jack has a little toy dinosaur that our friend calls his dragon. So apparently he thinks his giraffe shoes look like dragons too. When Jack grows up calling the dogs in the neighborhood dragons and every anamial at the zoo a dragon then you'll know why he is so confused! But in honor of our friends... here is Jack in his space pj's.

Also, Jack went to the pool for the first time today. He slept most of the time, but did get in for a few minutes after his nap. I think he is going to learn to enjoy swimming. It didn't bother him having his feet in the water(although you'd think differently by looking at the picture), but he didn't love his belly getting wet. Trevor and Kristi joined us swimming too. Trevor had fun in his cool car float.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

5 Months

The past month has flown by and we've been busy. Jack is growing and changing so fast. This was by far my favorite month so far. His personality is so sweet and we see more of it everyday. His biggest accomplishment was finding his voice. Freddy and I love when he gets going to listen to him "talk". He got his first pair of shoes this month, started playing in his exersaucer, and brings his toys to his mouth to chew on. He is also fascinated with his hands and fingers.

We also celebrated the marriage of my brother James and his wife Amber. The wedding was beautiful and lots of fun. We are excited to have Amber in our family and we look forward to seeing how the Lord uses them through their marriage.

Pictures before the wedding.

James and Amber's first dance.

Susan and Jack at the rehearsal.

Bridesmaids luncheon.

My mom dancing with James.

Freddy T. and Susan at the reception.
Susan and Sarah before the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso on their way to Cancun!

And finally to top the month off we took a trip to Louisville. We figured it was time for Jack to go back to his roots! I wanted to visit my students before summer break started and Freddy and I wanted to visit our friends and introduce them to Jack. We had a great time and really enjoyed seeing everyone. Jack was amazing. He was a trooper adjusting to a new bed and running around all weekend and more impressively, he slept the whole way to Louisville and they whole way back to Clarksville. Freddy and I enjoyed having some time together on the drive.

Ashley and Emma Barrett, Susan and Jack(for some reason he does not like group pictures!)

(Emma is 2 months today!)

We had lunch with Kyle, Ashley and Emma on Friday.

Friday night we got to enjoy dinner with Brent Moore and Stephen and Christi Cavness, and hung out with John and Amber Nelson later that night. (but we did not get pictures)

Saturday morning we ate breakfast outside at the Blue Dog Cafe with Ryan Coatney, Raleigh Saddler, and Brett and Rachel Vaden.