Wednesday, August 29, 2007

8 Months

Time is flying! Another month gone and Jack is growing like a weed. He has officially mastered sitting up and when he falls forward it's because he is wanting to crawl but just can't figure it all out! He wants to reach out and touch everything and wants to put everything in his mouth. His bottom two teeth are showing up real well and I knew he had cut his front two teeth, but the little monkey purses his lips tight when I try to check up on them daily, so I never really know how much they are showing. Today, however, I was tickling his leg and his mouth was open wide in laughter and to my surprise there are 4 teeth pushing through up top, not just two. He's been a champ to endure that with little "complaining".

Each month is a challenge with the sign now! This was before he discovered it was propped up in front of him.

Jack playing with his toys.

Trevor came over one day, he and Jack had fun playing together.

Jack loves playing with his books.

Jack and his new friend "Georgie the Dwagon"