Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Family Outing

Tonight we packed up the kids and headed down to Rockefeller Center to meet the Ramey's to look at the Christmas Tree and eat dinner. My new double carrier came in the mail yesterday, so I strapped on the twins and Freddy packed the stroller for Jack. It was 50/50 whether or not this was going to be a successful outing. Jack had a lot of fun and Lillie and Elliott were perfect.

Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Jack spotted Elmo, so we had to get a picture with him

*I assure you the kids were warm. Lillie and Elliott were under layers and when we weren't taking pictures I carried a thick blanket over their heads.

Pictures, Finally

Lillie and Elliott after eatting

Mr. Jack getting ready to go play in the snow

Lillie and Elliott in their new winter gear, getting ready to go to the doctor

Jack had a lot of fun one night playing in the box that some presents were sent in.

Jack found a bag of baby toys and took one to Elliott, then one to Lillie, then gave the rest to Elliott. Poor Lillie.
Another stroller shot.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Inspiration Needed

Well life is in full swing here at the Wyatt home. Jack is crazy about the Christmas Tree, he loves the ornaments. He'll touch them, knowing that is not allowed, and look at us and say "Oh, it feels good." He is also very tempted by the presents under the tree. In the words of our doorman, "Our family is a little out of control!" It's been so fun getting packages in the mail. Jack gets especially excited to get to put another present under the tree. I can't wait till Christmas morning, it's going to be a fun one this year. Lillie and Elliott continue to grow and are doing pretty well. At the doctor Thursday Lillie weighed in at 7lb 9oz and Elliott followed behind at 7 lbs 6 oz. They are officially out of preemie clothes and into newborn sizes. Our latest challenge with them is they have their days and nights mixed up. I've been up with them all night the majority of this past week, during the day they are sleeping champs. I know I can make some adjustments and my plan is to start tomorrow or Monday to keep them stimulated a little more during the day so that maybe they'll sleep easier at night, but after a long night, its so nice to have peaceful days I just haven't brought myself to do it yet. I'm not even sure I know how I'm functioning during the day on the lack of sleep I've been getting, but not doing too bad. I have some pictures to post, just can't find the time right now to do it. The only reason I'm able to blog now is because Elliott was not happy in his bed and needed a little snuggle time here at 1:30 in the morning!

Anyway, I didn't get on here to talk about all of that necessarily. After reading Glenna's blog about her holiday baking I decided that I need some inspiration. Not for baking. I've actually wanted to do that on several occasions this Christmas, even wrote all the ingredients down for two recipes to go to the store and finally threw the paper away yesterday because tit kept getting in my way. I told Glenna that I needed to focus on actually cooking dinner before I got around to baking cookies!

Since the twins came home we've been greatly blessed to have so many people from church bring us dinner. What a huge help not to have to worry about cooking and take care of other things. Now that we are getting on a routine I need your help and inspiration. Tell me your favorite meals that are easy to make, healthy, and not real time consuming. I need to get back on my monthly menu routine. I did so good on this when we lived in Louisville, never got around to it in Clarksville.

Look forward to reading and cooking some new meals. Thank you so much!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

1 Month: Twins

The twins are a month old. Actually, the official date was Sunday the 7th. I had good intentions on doing this Sunday, didn't happen. Then again yesterday. I did get the pictures taken yesterday but no post. Now its almost 9:00 pm 2 days later and I'm finally getting a chance to sit down and upload them (of course having to break every few minutes to calm Elliott down!). With Jack I would come up with a new place to take his picture and then spend as much time as I wanted with him, different poses etc... That won't be the case with Lillie and Elliott. I tried to catch Elliott awake, but Jack was awake too. I tried to take pictures of him on the bed, but Jack wanted up there too. Then I had to try to keep Jack off of Elliott, not an easy task. By the time I had things sort of under control Elliott was done, not interested in pictures anymore. So I had to take what I could right then with the sign and be happy with it. This was all yesterday morning. I didn't get around to Lillie till later last night. Since I only had a few pictures of Elliott I didn't have high expectations for my pictures of Lillie. So here you go. Lillie and Elliott 1 month old. We can't believe how fast time has gone by. We are so thankful for a short time in the NICU and getting to bring them home together. They are mostly sleeping and eatting. They are becoming more alert each day, but we haven't quite made it to the eat, play, sleep routine that we are working toward. Considering they techinically still have a week before their due date they are doing great!

Elliott David

His Close Up- I accidently cut off part of his head
(and now I've been on here way longer than I intended and don't know how to turn the picture!)

Lillie Beth

Her Close Up

1 Month!

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Jack: Come play.
Mommy: I can't play right now Jack, I'm feeding Elliott.
Jack: Put back in bed.

At least he is ok with him still being in the same house!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Prayers of an almost 2 year old

Every night before bed, Freddy picks Jack up, carries him to his room and sings a few praise choruses to him then prays for/with him. I go along too, but I'm turning off lights, getting the green blanket (aka blanks) and puppy, then joining them for prayer. Each night Freddy prays and then asks Jack if he wants to pray. Lately, he does and he'll repeat a prayer after Freddy. Tonight I was on my own putting Jack to bed. Freddy had a late meeting and since Jack decided to take a very short nap today, he went down a little earlier than usual. I sang a song, prayed for Jack and told him I loved him and good night. He then said "pray". I asked him if he wanted to pray and he did. This is what he said, "God, thanks Daddy, thanks park, thanks cake. Amen" It was funny, very sweet. The boy knows what he likes!

Another special thing. Even before Jack was born Freddy and I prayed a simple prayer for him. "Lord, save him, send him where ever you want him to go, and spend him out for your glory." We still pray that over him almost every night. The past few nights when we get through praying, he says "send him, go." I pray that never leaves his heart.

Now we have the privilege and responsibility to pray that over Lillie and Elliott as well.