Monday, December 01, 2008

Prayers of an almost 2 year old

Every night before bed, Freddy picks Jack up, carries him to his room and sings a few praise choruses to him then prays for/with him. I go along too, but I'm turning off lights, getting the green blanket (aka blanks) and puppy, then joining them for prayer. Each night Freddy prays and then asks Jack if he wants to pray. Lately, he does and he'll repeat a prayer after Freddy. Tonight I was on my own putting Jack to bed. Freddy had a late meeting and since Jack decided to take a very short nap today, he went down a little earlier than usual. I sang a song, prayed for Jack and told him I loved him and good night. He then said "pray". I asked him if he wanted to pray and he did. This is what he said, "God, thanks Daddy, thanks park, thanks cake. Amen" It was funny, very sweet. The boy knows what he likes!

Another special thing. Even before Jack was born Freddy and I prayed a simple prayer for him. "Lord, save him, send him where ever you want him to go, and spend him out for your glory." We still pray that over him almost every night. The past few nights when we get through praying, he says "send him, go." I pray that never leaves his heart.

Now we have the privilege and responsibility to pray that over Lillie and Elliott as well.


Around the World said...

Paula Shipp (nurse) was the other one to adopt - they brought home a 5 year old girl from Ethiopia in September!!! So reading your blog!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could see Jackers. As I read what you wrote I could hear him saying it. Give him a big hug for me. Love, Dee Dee

Anonymous said...

Beautiful prayers that our Awesome God hears. Jack is precious. Hugs, pam

Anonymous said...

Jack is so blessed to have you and Freddy as parents,Susan! You both are great examples of Godly parents as children always learn what they live! And you guys are doing an awesome job with Jack and you will with Lillie and Elliott too! Love to you all! Jennifer

rachie said...

Sweet boy - I miss him! :( It's amazing what they learn from you at such an early age.... Next he will be praying "Thanks Bucks!" HA!