Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Parker: 3 Months

Our little Parker is 3 months old!  

The 3rd month was filled with excitement as we braced Sandy and it's aftermath and Parker and I took a quick trip to Tennessee.  More to come on both of those. 

Parker continues to be an amazing baby.  We are so blessed by his ability to go with the flow in our daily comings and goings.  He is a happy baby!  He smiles all the time and has laughed a few times.  He is not rolling over, but he is starting to arch his back to see things behind him, so rolling might right around the corner.

3 months... already going by fast.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boo At The Zoo

A few Saturday's before Halloween we headed to the Bronx Zoo for "Boo at the Zoo."  I'm so glad we planned this since Halloween was anything but normal this year.  We met our friends, The Mengel's, there as the zoo opened and  walked out late that afternoon as they were shutting it own.

Our families really enjoy spending time with each other.  We've known the Mengel's for a little over a year now and we've done some special things together.  It's been a real blessing to have a family in our neighborhood who's kids are the same age as ours and all enjoy being together.  Freddy T. and I really enjoy spending time with Jay and Nicole as well.  

Our costumes this year all came from things we had at home.  Parker's was a hand me down from a neighbor and they boys already had these dress up clothes.  Lillie was very thrown together, but she loved it! :)

Meet Parker the Chili Pepper, Captain America Jack, Fire Fighter Elliott, and Princess Lillie

Believe it or not this is the best picture out of all the ones I took of the 4 of them.

 Parker was an angel all day.  He just went with the flow hardly uttering a sound and he was a real trooper to keep this thing on all day. 
 Elliott, Dylan, Jack, Ryan, Lillie
Headed to the hay ride

 This is what Parker looked like most of the day.
 Elliott hanging out on Daddy's shoulders during the Sea Lion's feeding.

 It's hard to tell here, but I think Elliott and Dylan are saying cheese, not crying!
 Hay Maze
 Elliott ran through the maze at least 10 times.  He took off speed running and was proud to be the first one to complete it.
 Lillie wanted her picture with this pumpkin.  I'm not sure what is going on with her expression, but I thought it was funny.

 Jack and Lillie rode a camel together.
 Elliott and Ryan rode together.
 Where's Waldo?
 There weren't many request for specific animals, but Elliott was determined to see the zebras.  You'll have to look really hard to find them in the back of this picture.
Having a good time on the hay ride.

We had a great day.  Things got a little crazy on the way home.  We took a train to 14th St at Union Square and planned on taking a bus home.  The traffic was horrible.  I'm pretty sure we were on the bus as long as we were the train from the Bronx to Union Square.  The kids were melting down, but everyone hung in there!  I hope we do this again next year.  It was a fun, new family tradition with good friends.