Saturday, September 23, 2006

Celebrating with Dancing Lessons

Susan and I recently celebrated 2 years of marriage with dancing lessons. Click here and here to see the video.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The World in 6 Pictures

I got this from a friend in an email... thought it was funny.

Only in China
Only in Fiji

Only in India

Only in Texas

Only in Thailand

Only in America

Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 - Honoring Those Fallen - Do You Remember?

Five years ago today, Terror. Death. Fire. Smoke. Fear. Anger. Unbelief. Confusion. The graphic images of evil and its consequences matched the number of our emotions. Each of us were affected uniquely. We were all at different places, felt different emotions, and hold different memories of that day. I want to honor those who were killed on that day, and those who have continued to fight for our freedom by recounting our memories of that day. Where were you? How did you find out about the events that had taken place? What was that day and/or week like for you? Do you remember the emotions you felt? If you are reading this, I want to know your thoughts, memories and experience. Please don't pass this one by, but pause to honor those who fell that day, and those who fight for us this day. Share your experience of 9/11. It doesn't matter if you are not a great writer or even if you've never left a comment on this blog. Today I ask you to share.

I was at North Point Community Church getting ready to head out that evening on The Passion Experience tour. The next day was our first stop on the tour at LSU. I really on knew one person at that time on the tour. I was working as a roadie type person. We were working hard to get the lights and set just right when I began to hear about the events that had occurred. I was not really getting full information and could not put all the pieces together. The more information someone would bring to us in the auditorium the more I realized this was not your normal news flash. Naive confusion is the best description of my first emotions and thoughts. Interestingly enough, Chris Tomlin and his band were rehearsing and sound checking with this Delirious song

"My Glorious"
The world's shaking with the love of God
Great and glorious, let the whole Earth sing
And all you ever do is change the old from new
People we believe that...
God is bigger than the air I breatheThe world we'll leave God will save the day and all will say
My glorious! Clouds are breaking, heaven's come to earth
Hearts awakening let the church bells ring And all you ever do is change the old from new
People we believe that...
God is bigger than the air I breatheThe world we'll leave God will save the day and all will say
My glorious! My glorious! My glorious! My glorious! My glorious! God is bigger than the air I breathe The world we'll leave
God will save the day and all will say My glorious!

As we continued to get the news of what was going on, this song never left me and gave me a sense of peace in the midst of the horror. Louie and Shelley (the visionaries and leaders of Passion and the tour) came into the auditorium and gathered us all together. About 10 of us gathered round and though I had yet to see any images of what had happened I could tell the way Louie spoke to us that something terrible of historical nature had taken place. We all prayed together. A bit later I received a phone call from my mom who was frightened and shaken. I had yet to see any of the images. Because of the nature of my work with the tour, it was a day or so before I got to really see any video of what had happened. While many of us on the tour would have rather gone home and been with our families, we were expected to show up in 26 cities across the coutnry and lead in an evening of worship. I was stunned more than anything. I felt so buffered from what was going on, mainly because I did not have opportunity to watch much television during those days. As the details unfolded, the images I saw became forever etched in my mind.

Having visited ground zero since then and seen many images in a large 9/11 book, I am at a loss when trying to imagine how horrible it was for those in NYC, DC, and PA. This past Sunday, I found great hope for believers in the midst of times of terror. The hope came from God's word.

I am currently preaching through Micah and yesterday morning landed in chapter 4. Micah 4 is a chapter of hope for Israel after many promises of judgment. God is promising to gather a remnant to himself despite Israel's wickedness. In chapter one we find a great promise that will find its final fulfillment in the consummation of Christ's return. We he comes and sets up His everlasting kingdom he promises in 1:3

He shall judge between many peoples and shall decide for strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore;

This promise directs us all to look forward to that day. God is moving history toward a day when He will restore all of creation and there will be no more plans or training for or execution of war. Jesus Christ has engaged in the war to end all wars through His death and resurrection. When He returns He will finally end the war and usher in His kingdom of peace. Praise God in that day there will be no more days like 9/11. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Please share, where were you, how did you find out, what was your experience with 9/11?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

2 Years!

Susan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary yesterday. We had a great time as we vegged watching six episodes of 24. We enjoyed desert at the Melting Pot Sunday night, and dinner at Rockey's by the River in Indiana yesterday.

God was truly good and gracious in giving Susan to me! It is hard to believe that two years have gone by. Time really does fly when you are having fun! We talked last night about wondering what it will be like in two more years.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Sus two years ago.

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Gas Lantern Opens Tomorrow!

If you live in Clarksville or ever pass through, or even live near there, an amazing Italian fine dining is opening tomorrow in historic downtown. The Gas Lantern's grand opening is this Friday. Good friends of mine, Jonathan and Rachel Vinson are the visionaries and owners of this new hot spot. I had the privilege this weekend of sampling many of their dishes. OH Man! It is good stuff! My favorites were the shrimp and artichoke bisque, the crab cakes, and the Pollo Rosa. I actually loved everything I tasted!

formerly only open for lunch and known as the Rose Garden, The Gas Lantern is open for dinner and has taken on a whole new vibe that patrons will absolutely love. From specialty coffees to live music, The Gas Lantern might soon be the most desirable eatery in Clarksville.

To see pictures, scan their menus or read about the history of the location check out their website here. Make your reservations today! You will not be disappointed.

Friday, September 01, 2006


The other day when I got home from work
there was a package on the front porch.
Anyone who knows me well knows I love getting mail. I get so excited when I see a package waiting when I get home. Since Freddy T. and I’ve been married it’s always 50/50 as to whether or not the package is for me so I’ve learned to be excited, just not too excited, so disappointment doesn’t soon follow. Well, the other day when I bent down to see who the lucky one for the day was to my great surprise it said Jack Wyatt on the address label! I promise disappointment did not follow! I went inside and opened the envelope and there was a book titled I’m Jack! Inside was a note of love and excitement from his Great Aunt Bev! The book is precious. It takes you through the day of a little boy named Jack as he thanks God for making him able to move through all his activities. It makes me wonder if this is a foreshadowing of the little boy, who is quite active these days, growing inside of me. The back cover says “Like most preschoolers Jack is wiggly, squiggly, and bursting with energy…” I think Freddy T. and I have a lot to look forward to, we can’t wait!

Looks like from here on out the chances of a package being mine is only 33.3%.

Listen. Watch. Read.

We've been waiting all week for the new Desiring God website. It is up!

I tell people all the time that Piper like no other author except the Biblical authors, has had a more formitive impact on who I am as a Christian and minister like Dr. John Piper.

Check it out, and be challenged, changed, and happy HERE.

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