Sunday, March 22, 2009


These monkeys are the reason I averaged a shower every 2 days this week!

Did you read about us getting stuck in the elevator? While we were in there I asked Jack if he wanted to take his shoes off. He said "yes." Then he said "Mommy. Need to take socks off something in there!" What do you think it is Jack? "Toe jam... need to get it out!"

I just liked these.
Hope you had a good weekend.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Park

We just got back from our first outing to the park with no help! Just me and the kiddos. Jack had a great time. He took some trucks he got for Christmas to play in the sand with and ran all around and climbed on all the play equipment. It was a successful trip.

It is a little intimidating to be among seasoned New Yorkers at the park. I'm trying to figure out how it all "works" and where I fit into the picture. We apparently there is an unwritten rule that any toys in the sand box are free for all as long as no one is playing with them. Then when you're ready to leave you let the kid know who is playing with your child's toy and its no big deal. So a little boy named Marcus was playing with Jacks truck and when it was time to go I told his nanny that we were leaving and that we needed the truck back. She noticed the twins and asked how old they were. As it turns out, she had a 5 month old little boy with her and then Marcus was 2 (2 days younger than Jack). She has been looking for a play date for the 5 month old (sounds so funny to think a 5 month old needs a play date), so we swapped numbers. I told her I would be out of pocket for the next few weeks but we will get together when I return to NYC. I was excited and felt encouraged and more "in" at the park today. It's nice to be settling.

Also on another note. We get so many funny looks from people on the street when they see us coming. I guess we have an uncommon stroller for this city, I don't know. But they always look shocked, scared, sympathetic, or relieved its me and not them! Anyway, last night we were headed to the Ramey's for dinner and got one block from our apartment. We were at 90th and Central Park West when a biker came by stared, smiled, Freddy said "hi how are you doing" and then looked at me and said "that was Alec Baldwin." Alex Baldwin then went into his building. We caught the attention of Alec Baldwin! So crazy, and he lives one block from us. I was with Carmen a month or so ago, again walking up CPW and she said "did you know we just passed Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumber." He was with a woman, maybe his wife, walking 2 huge dogs. So you never know who you'll run into around here! Keeps things interesting!

We're enjoying the "warm" weather... its 45 degrees! Supposed to be maybe in the lower 60's tomorrow... we'll be at the park again! By the way. Jack had a few candy corns on the way to the park. On our way back up the elevator coming home he wanted out of the stroller. So I got him out. When the door opened he went out and I pushed the stroller on out then hit Jack. He was bending down picking up a candy corn off our hallway floor that he dropped on the way out. He was so excited! And of course popped it in his mouth!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I love this!

Lillie and Elliott won't be sleeping in the same bed much longer. This is the way their hands look a lot these days because they are running out of space. I love this!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Marshmallow Cream

I sat down today wanting to blog. I had a few things I could write about: my lunch date with Jack today, signs of spring around the city, the fact that I think we could be close to getting our first real nights sleep in 4 months, how much I enjoyed last Saturday and the 60 degree weather, my excitement to go out on a date with Freddy tonight, how blessed we've been to get to go out by ourselves several times lately, introduce you to our new nephew Hudson Coleman Cherry, etc. I even wrote a paragraph, but I couldn't make my thoughts make sense.
A few minutes ago Jack provided me with my blog material for the day. I was eating popcorn when he woke up from his nap so he got to eat a little bowl. When it was gone he asked for snack snacks (fruit snacks). I got side tracked and after a few minutes noticed how quiet it was in our apartment. I said "Jack what are you doing?" He replied but I could not make it out. This went on 2 more times as I was making my way to the kitchen. This is what I found.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Twins: 4 Months

Lillie and Elliott hit the 4 month mark today (and I'm actually getting them on the blog on the exact date!) I guess things are becoming routine around here. I'm happy to say that all my children go down for a nap between 1 and 1:30 and all 3 sleep for a few hours and then Lillie and Elliott go to bed between 7 and 7:30 and Jack follows between 8 and 8:30. Now all other times of the day are still slightly unpredictable, but each day we are getting a little closer to a routine. If only Lillie and Elliott would sleep all the way through the night. They are sleeping about 8 hours straight, usually waking up between 3 and 4. I'm sure some of you are thinking... if they can sleep 8 hours then why not keep them up a little longer then put them to bed. We've tried! It doesn't matter, they wake up at 3 or 4. So hopefully next month I can report differently.

I'm looking forward to sharing real soon glimpses of what our days and outings look like. For tonight I'm going to do this, log off and enjoy reading... something I haven't had a good chance to do in a while!

(don't know why it came up sideways, they never look like this in my files)

Silly Lillie. She sticks her tongue out a lot.

I tried to get a good one together... Lillie kept knocking Elliott in the cheek

Remember these gifts? You'll get to see the TW IN ones later in the year!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Who is coming to NYC?

There are two couples planning on moving to NYC from Clarksville to join us in our church planting endeavors. Read about one of the couples HERE.