Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Break Is Finally Here!

As of Wednesday, June 27th, we officially have a 1st grader!
Jack finished up his Kindergarten year on Wednesday and what a testimony of God's faithfulness this school year has been.  You can read about our journey to Kindergarten here.  This school year has been an amazing adventure.  Jack loved each day of school.  I can't remember one time having to convince him school was going to be fun or dragging him out the door.  He was ready to go each morning and always seemed happy as he came through the door at the end of the school day.  We loved his teacher, Ms. Roni Morris.  She was just the teacher Jack needed to help set a solid foundation for his education.  She was tough and challenging, but loved what she did and was passionate about the kids learning and did a great job of educating them.  Ms. Morris has been teaching at PS 40 since 1979 and is retiring this year.  We are so glad she stuck it out one more year for Jack to have her.  

Jack did well in school.  I was concerned that he might have a tough time because of his age and lack of preschool experience.  Fortunately Jack adapted well and is a great student.  We are very proud of him!  He has made some special friends over the past year and with that we've made good friends with a handful of families from Jack's class and school.  
 This is Jack and his buddy Ryan.  
 Jack and his cubby buddy Liam.  
 Last time at Kindergarten pickup
I'm ready for 1st Grade!

On another note.  We received word mid June that Lillie and Elliott got in the morning Pre-K class at PS 40.  This is what we were hoping for and we're pretty excited that it has worked out.  They will start school at 8:20, same as Jack and will get out at 10:40.  It's a short morning, but they will be on the same school calendar schedule as Jack.  We are planning on Freddy T. taking all 3 kids to school and then Parker and I will pick them up :)  We'll share more Pre-K news as the school year draws nearer, till then we are looking forward to enjoying our summer and eagerly awaiting Parker's arrival!
This was on the way to registration.  They insisted on taking a backpack and could not understand why all we did was paper work.  I think they are ready!