Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Twins Update

Some have asked how were making it. I thought I would wait till next week when we have our next ultra sound, but I can give an update at this point and hopefully just share a good picture with you next week.

I went to the doctor a week ago. So far so good. Our doctor didn't think we would hear heart beats, but thankfully we heard one on the right side and he moved pretty far to the left and we heard another one. He said he didn't think he was chasing one around since he moved so far over, but you never know. Our ultra sound next Tuesday should confirm what he heard.

My appointments should be fairly normal until early fall, with the exception of more ultra sounds to monitor the growth of the babies and make sure they are the same size. After that (unless something unexpected happens sooner) there will be more frequent visits to the doctors office and stress test and potentially even more ultra sounds and checking my progress. The doctor said our goal is to make it to Thanksgiving. He did tell me to be prepared for bed rest at 28 weeks. He had to tell us the best and worse case scenarios. Although I think it could be worse and definitely could be better. I think 28 weeks is a good average for bed rest with twins.

I'm 11 weeks now, and last week I was already measuring 14 weeks. I'm not 14 weeks, just have the belly of a 14 week pregnancy.

The big milestone with twins is 16 weeks. At 10 weeks your chance of miscarriage goes from 1 and 3 to 1 and 10. At 16 weeks you go to 1 and 100. Still a month away, but I'm feeling ok. Ok meaning not 100% but doing better than a few weeks ago. I guess not feeling too bad at 11 weeks is quite a blessing.

Hope to show you a sweet little picture of our babies next Tuesday.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jack's First Haircut

We finally broke down Friday and took Jack to get his first haircut.
He did such a good job, acted like a real big boy.
He sat on the booster seat and let Mr. Teddy cut and trim.
He was a little unsure of the trimmer, but took it like a champ!
He looks like a big boy now too.




not the best shot, but he was over the whole

experience and getting his picture taken!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

E-Mealz Update

Several of you have asked for and E-mealz update. I picked a bad month to start. Unfortunately, about the time I signed up I also found out I was pregnant with the twins. Like a lot of pregnancies the past month has been full of feeling sick most days and not wanting to think about eating food, let alone cook it. I'm hoping in the next few weeks this will past and I'll feel like my old self again. Till then I don't have any good update for you. I've noticed where several of you have signed up for a plan. How is it working out for you guys?