Sunday, April 21, 2013

Parker: 8 Months

This has been a big month for Parker.  He mastered sitting up and began crawling.  I often find him in his bed crying because he is up on his knees rocking and can't figure out how to get back down and go to sleep.

We've also done some sleep training.  Up until this point I was feeding Parker at least 2 or 3 times during the night.  Basically every time he woke up if it had been at least 3 hours.  For 5 nights the big kids slept in our bed and Freddy T. and I were on the couch so Parker could have the room to himself.  While we did break the mid night snacks, Parker is still waking up.  Some nights are better than others as far as how many times he wakes up.  He is typically rocking on his hands and knees and as soon as I flip him over he goes on back to sleep.

He only wanted to eat the sign this month, so it was a little challenging getting the date in a picture.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tee Ball

This is Jack's first year playing Tee Ball!  He is very excited about this season and pleased to be on the Mets.  Freddy T. was also on the Mets during his little league years.

Last Saturday we had our first game.  Tee ball in this league is quite different than what I remember when my brother played.  Everyone sits in the dugouts.  If you want to walk on the field to help coach your kid you can.  Want to take a picture?  No problem, as long as you stay generally out of the way you are welcome to come and go.

Jack is not on a team with any of his friends, but the boys he is playing with seem fun.  I'm sure in no time they'll be considered buddies.
Warming up before the first game
Uniform on and ready to go!
Proud Daddy

Lillie and Elliott, the Met's biggest fans.
Parker was there too, he just slept in the stroller through the whole game

You can see our neighborhood in the background
First time on the field, playing 1st base.

First time at bat

1st base

 On 2nd

 Running to 3rd

Crossing home plate
Freddy T. bought him eye black.  He loved it.  I'm sure it will be an every week necessity

The tradition of the league is on the 2nd game day there is a parade through the neighborhood ending on the baseball field.  All teams gather with banners and the parade is led by a group of men playing bag pipes.  It was fun, felt very "small town" in the middle of the big city.

My 3 boys, ready for the parade

Bag pipers warming up
Go Mets Go!

You can see the teams still walking on the other side of the oval.  We were the first team in line.
Waiting to cross Avenue C over to the ball fields
Little team meeting

Lillie wasn't feeling good, but had an hour of feeling better and posed for the camera

Elliott, Lillie and Dylan

Cecil Fielder, former NY Yankee, who played when they won the World Series in '96 gave the league a beginning of the season challenge.  

Ryan and Jack