Tuesday, June 26, 2007

6 Months

Jack hit his 6 month birthday on Sunday. I'm a little late on the posting, but the past few days have been busy. Life with a little boy has gone to the next level, rolling over and grabbing for things in reach makes everyday a little more exciting. I thought since Jack can sort of sit up with a little support we would give it a shot at taking his picture that way, holding the sign. I know a little silly to think it would actually work but it was worth a shot. Look at my attempt below...

The poor sign...

Jack rebelled against his bouncy seat for eatting meals. Since we don't have a high chair yet we pulled out the booster seat and strapped it to our kitchen chair.

He seems so big sitting in a "big boy" chair.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Catching Up

Jack is enjoying his swing a little more these days.

We had a kick off for Vacation Bible School. Freddy T. was in the dunking booth. Wyatt and Patton had fun with that! Jack was sick most of the week, but he got to go on Monday and Friday.

On Fathers Day we tried to take a picture of the boys with Gramps and then one with Gran all wearing their hats. You can tell by my pictures it was a challenge. We waited too late in the evening, everyone was getting tired.

Jack found his feet. A lot of times this is the position you find him in. Last night he finally figured out how to throw his leg over and roll from his back to his stomach! We've been working on this for weeks!