Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jack To The Rescue!

"Jack, I just cleaned and straightened up those pictures on the bookshelf. Mommy doesn't want you to play with those."

"But I'm rescuing my cousins"
How do I argue with this? He has 2 pictures out of his cousins who apparently need rescuing and he's driving to rescue them. What an imagination he has!

So Sweet

He looked so sweet asleep this afternoon.
I love this kid!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The First and Third Friday

The first and third Friday of each month we have Big City Storytime @ the Gallery. It's a fun time to meet together with our friends and meet new friends. Today the stories were about bunnies, so for the craft the kids made bunny ears.

Elliott kept his on for 3 seconds.
Lillie was sitting so cute with hers for several minutes, until I got the camera out, then she moved and they fell over her face.
The older kids had fun with them. Carmen took this picture of Jack and Ezra. She said "smile" and say "cheese." Ezra smiled, Jack just said "cheese."

We all packed our lunches today and headed to Madison Square Park afterwards for lunch and play. Everyone had fun! Even most of the little kids are old enough now to walk around and play.
Jack and Ezra waiting to cross the street.
Yes, Jack has his fire fighter hat on. He wanted to wear it today with his fire fighter rain coat, but it was too warm for that by this time of the day. He wore the hat almost all day long. Ezra is one of Jack's best friends.

Jack also claims William as one of his best friends. William, Ezra, and Jack are all right at the same age, so they have a good time together. William can be credited for teaching Elliott this.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing "Outside"

Jack has been outside for a long time now. He has a truck and a shovel and a pot of dirt, he is totally entertained! He also has his sidewalk chalk outside and he's drawing on the walls of our balcony. I've got things to do at home today so we won't be going to any parks. It is still really nice outside and I'm thankful for our small balcony that is allowing Jack to enjoy the outdoors today.

Just a second ago Jack said "Mommy you have to come see this!" Almost every where we go we see steam or smoke coming out of something weather it's from the street or a chimney. Do you know how exciting this is for a kid who thinks he might be a real fire fighter?!?

This video has a lot of back ground noise in it, I didn't realize it was that loud outside. Anyway, you'll get an idea of what he was looking at and talking about.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice Weather Finally!

I hope I don't bore you to death of our park pictures, but it's been so long since we could actually enjoy being outside it's all we've been doing. It's been so nice outside, I hope it only gets better from here.

They all 3 enjoy the swings.

The shadow that was cast while I was walking with Lillie
Elliott with his stick. Boys... have to play with sticks!
Lillie thinks she ought to be just like them.
Jack wanted to wear the red hat today. It's Freddy T's and its a fitted hat, so it's too big for Jack but he wanted this one, no other would do.

I tried to get Jack to come over to the slide so he could go down with Lillie and Elliott. He was not interested in making his way over, or was taking too long, so Elliott just turned around and did it himself. I could not believe it! Lillie would not try it on her own.

I wore a hat to the park today. Lillie and Elliott were speechless when they first saw me in it.
There was a little boy at the play ground today. He was around Jack's age. He was bilingual but the lady that was with him spoke only Spanish. I never figured out if she was his mom or nanny. Anyway, he was mean. He wanted to play with the balls Jack brought but would not share the ball that was found on the playground. Jack did not understand and it hurt his feelings. I tried to explain to him that he shares but some kids don't. He said, "I'll go ask again nicely." He did, but the kid took off, out of the playground and onto the soccer field across the sidewalk and ran onto it in the middle of recess/PE for the middle and high school students that were on it. He went to the very far corner and "hid". The lady had to go chase after him. So hard to see your kid in a hard situation. I know in the big picture that was not hard, but for a 3 year old, it was tough!

Here are a few pictures from our past week.
Jack said his feet were cold before he took his nap and he needed Daddy's socks to warm them up.

This is Lillie when I put her in her chair.
This is what she looked like when I came back with her food. She pulled her shirt up over her head.
Everyone loves the fire fighter hat.
Snacks and Juice

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Homemade Household Cleaners

I'm almost out of several of my household cleaners. I'm curious to know if you have any homemade cleaners that work for you. I know I can Google this and find hundreds, but I'm not interested in trial and error. I don't have time for that. I'm interested to know what works well!

I'm curious to know of any good concoctions that will save money. I'm not necessarily on a mission go "Go Green", that would just be bonus!

Let me know! Share your cleaning recipes and what you clean with it.

Monday, March 08, 2010

What A Beautiful Day!

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in Manhattan! This week is City Uprising so the girls kept the kids for me to go down to SALT for the worship gathering this morning. Afterwards I ran one quick errand, then went to Subway, got lunch (it was only 10:30, but I was alone and could, so I did!) and at there in the store and ate alone, in peace, finished a meal in one setting with out any interruptions! A very nice way to start the day. Lydia and Mary are doing great. They've been a lot of help and a lot of fun already. We'll do a special post about that later.

When I got home I helped get the kids lunch and then I took them to the park. Today was Lillie and Elliott's first day to get to play instead of staying in the stroller. I think they liked it. And dirty does not begin to describe their hands and the knees of their pants when we left.
There were school kids playing in the "field" next to the play ground. Elliott was mesmerized by them.
Lillie and Elliott both loved sliding down the slide.

And Jack is already teaching them the wrong way to go up the slide.