Monday, March 08, 2010

What A Beautiful Day!

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in Manhattan! This week is City Uprising so the girls kept the kids for me to go down to SALT for the worship gathering this morning. Afterwards I ran one quick errand, then went to Subway, got lunch (it was only 10:30, but I was alone and could, so I did!) and at there in the store and ate alone, in peace, finished a meal in one setting with out any interruptions! A very nice way to start the day. Lydia and Mary are doing great. They've been a lot of help and a lot of fun already. We'll do a special post about that later.

When I got home I helped get the kids lunch and then I took them to the park. Today was Lillie and Elliott's first day to get to play instead of staying in the stroller. I think they liked it. And dirty does not begin to describe their hands and the knees of their pants when we left.
There were school kids playing in the "field" next to the play ground. Elliott was mesmerized by them.
Lillie and Elliott both loved sliding down the slide.

And Jack is already teaching them the wrong way to go up the slide.


Katie said...

What a blessing you have with Lydia and mary! More then we even realize! So glad that it is working out for you!

pam said...

Elliott & Lillie are walking so well! It looked like they were in a new Wonderland taking in all the playground sights. What fun! I am thrilled to hear that Mary and Lydia are such a blessing! Oh, and the eating lunch by oneself....JOY,
Peace! Praise The Lord! Hugs, and we have had glorious sun/ Son shine weather the past several days. Thank YOU God.

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing Lillie and Elliott walking in the park. I know they are thinking, Wow, we don't have to sit in the stroller anymore and watch Jack play. This will be good for them to burn up energy, too. So glad to see all three of them having a good time. Glad you are getting some breaks, too. Hugs to all, Gran

Anonymous said...

It's fun seeing the twins walking around outside. Where has time gone! Would love to be there playing with them. It was a beautiful day here too.

Donna said...

Okay, the last anonymous was me.

Amber said...

I love the pictures! It is so cute to see all the kids playing at the park! I hope we can take all the kids to the park to play together when you come to visit in April! It is great to hear that you are getting some time for yourself as well! We love all of you!
Aunt Amber

Anonymous said...

Why do all kids have to go up the slide from the wrong side? Same here. That's funny!Love the spring like pictures. Still snowy and freezing over here. Love, Antje

Anonymous said...

My baby boy is walking so much better and all that climbing is coming in handy!

Let me just say that baby's in puffer jackets is a pretty funny sight.