Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing "Outside"

Jack has been outside for a long time now. He has a truck and a shovel and a pot of dirt, he is totally entertained! He also has his sidewalk chalk outside and he's drawing on the walls of our balcony. I've got things to do at home today so we won't be going to any parks. It is still really nice outside and I'm thankful for our small balcony that is allowing Jack to enjoy the outdoors today.

Just a second ago Jack said "Mommy you have to come see this!" Almost every where we go we see steam or smoke coming out of something weather it's from the street or a chimney. Do you know how exciting this is for a kid who thinks he might be a real fire fighter?!?

This video has a lot of back ground noise in it, I didn't realize it was that loud outside. Anyway, you'll get an idea of what he was looking at and talking about.


Christi said...

We are loving this warmer weather too, unfortunately Charlie has pneumonia and can't enjoy it like he wants too! :(

Donna said...

I love to watch is hand jestures and he speaks and I love how he pronounces the work "well" sounds like vell.

pam said...

He is darling! Bravery, true fireman! Go Jack!