Friday, March 19, 2010

The First and Third Friday

The first and third Friday of each month we have Big City Storytime @ the Gallery. It's a fun time to meet together with our friends and meet new friends. Today the stories were about bunnies, so for the craft the kids made bunny ears.

Elliott kept his on for 3 seconds.
Lillie was sitting so cute with hers for several minutes, until I got the camera out, then she moved and they fell over her face.
The older kids had fun with them. Carmen took this picture of Jack and Ezra. She said "smile" and say "cheese." Ezra smiled, Jack just said "cheese."

We all packed our lunches today and headed to Madison Square Park afterwards for lunch and play. Everyone had fun! Even most of the little kids are old enough now to walk around and play.
Jack and Ezra waiting to cross the street.
Yes, Jack has his fire fighter hat on. He wanted to wear it today with his fire fighter rain coat, but it was too warm for that by this time of the day. He wore the hat almost all day long. Ezra is one of Jack's best friends.

Jack also claims William as one of his best friends. William, Ezra, and Jack are all right at the same age, so they have a good time together. William can be credited for teaching Elliott this.


Anonymous said...

So fun!!! Glad to see Jack has such great friends to play with! How are Mary and Lydia doing? Is everyone settling in?

Freddy T. Wyatt said...

oh are such a mysterious commenter...but we still love you.

Donna said...

Elliott looks quite pleased with himself on the slide and I love the fireman's hat. Jack is a natural with his hats.
Glad you guys are able to start being outside.
Love ya,
Dee Dee

Melcy said...

I was sad to miss storytime today. Thanks for blogging about it! :) It looks like yall had a good time. I am looking forward to the warm weather so we can all go to the park afterwards frequently!

Anonymous said...

When do we get a blog about Lydia and Mary?

pam said...

Love to hear that Jack has a good core group of "best" friends. Seems like they are growing so fast. Was in VA this weekend myself with the family and the weather was Gorgeous, just drove home today to torrential rains and cold! Have a wonderful week. God Bless