Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures, Finally

Lillie and Elliott after eatting

Mr. Jack getting ready to go play in the snow

Lillie and Elliott in their new winter gear, getting ready to go to the doctor

Jack had a lot of fun one night playing in the box that some presents were sent in.

Jack found a bag of baby toys and took one to Elliott, then one to Lillie, then gave the rest to Elliott. Poor Lillie.
Another stroller shot.


Anonymous said...

You have made my Christmas much merrier, getting to see pictures of Elliott and Lillie. They are beautiful and so healthy looking. I never tire of seeing pictures of my "Jackers", either. Have a great day tomorrow, and give Jack a birthday kiss for me, today. Love to all. Gran

pam said...

Beautiful pictures! They sure are all bundled up! Lillie and Elliott do look very healthy as well as Jack! I love his coat. The blue hat brings out the blue in his eyes and the green accents it very well. Perfect for beautiful jack. Merry Christmas! Joy to the world!

pam said...

another comment... I love how snuggly close Lillie and Elliott are sleeping. I guess they are used to that from being so close in the womb. What an awesome thing!

Brittney said...

Just out of curiousity, how on earth do you manage to feed your two little ones and balance the rest of life? Are you breastfeeding? Good night, feeding Anna has been one of the more difficult things I've ever done in my life - I would love to hear words of wisdom from you about mothering in this way :) I admire your perserverance and love for your husband and children and know the Lord will reward all your laboring for him!

Anonymous said...

Pap and I enjoyed the pictures. We tried to call on Christmas and couldn't get through. The babies look adorable and loved the picture of Jack in the box with the packing materials. He is such a typical little boy. Keep the pictures coming and will try to catch up with you soon.

Love you all,
Grandma and Pap A.

Christi said...

Jack is getting so big! Can you believe it? Charlie amazes me too everyday! Miss you guys!

ps - That is some stroller!