Monday, September 29, 2008

NYC Mission

The NYC Mission website is up. Folks can't believe that the domain name was available. Just another evidence that there is great need for Christ and church planting in NYC!

Did you know...
That for the church per person ratio in the New York Metro area to mirror that of a typical southern state, we need well over 2o,000 new churches planted in the NY Metro area.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Freddy & Susan, I BELIEVE it! I have been to NYC many times and especially during the work week to stand on just one corner, it is quite overwhelming of a sight to see that many people on 1 corner alone! WOW! God's mission. I like the name THE NYC Mission. God is so awesome! I continue in prayer, I know there is still things to be done before you leave very soon. Please pray for us in DOXA & FBC too. My prayer for Susan & Hannah to feel the fresh breath of God each day as they are in such a smaller living condition. I pray that there will be opportunity for them to get out to the park and experience a safe environment for play and growth w/Jack,& the twins. I have lived in a VERY small apt there & shared with 4 other ladies. It was quite claustrophobic at times. However, HIS presence was always near. I am so thankful HE never leaves nor forsakes us! Praise You Jesus! I pray for continued humbleness for you Freddy, as you begin your new calling there. Many blessings and God's provision! Humbly His, pam