Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks for praying! NYC update...

Last post I requested prayer for finding an apartment. Thank you for praying! We believe we have found our new home...James Tower on the corner of W90th adn Columbus. God answered this prayer in a special way. Susan's OBGYN's office is actually in our building. The first two floors of our building is retail space. Unless something backfires (flexibility is your lifeblood as a missionary), that will be our future home. It is a very small space in a great location. One long block from Central Park, 6 Short blocks from our Sunday morning worship gathering, and surrounded by great cafe's. I've already found online, two sushi places pretty close!

I will be posting more about what our specific needs are very soon, but for now let me direct you to how you can begin supporting us financially in addition to your prayers. FBC is currently taking up a love offering, so if you are a member there, that is a current avenue for giving. Anyone can give specifically to our support on the Gallery website. Go to the website by clicking here.

The specific instructions for giving are:
1. Click on the Gallery Info Tab at the top right of the home page.
2. A drop down menu should appear. Then click on "online giving". This will bring up a whole new web page.
3. On that new web page, click on create an account. Fill in all the proper information. This is going to allow you a very convenient opportunity to give.
4. Once you have created an account, log in.
5. Once you've logged in, select the fund The Gallery Church. The page will adjust with a new Sub Fund menu.
6. Click on the Sub Fund menu and select Freddy and Susan Wyatt.
7. Finish filling out the proper should be very easy.

Again, we will be sharing what our specific needs are very soon, so stay tuned. We are in awe of God and His call! Trusting Him...


Pam said...

So very excited to hear about the possibility of the new apartment on W90th! What a wonderful thing to have Susan's obgyn in the same building! How cool is that. Gotta love sushi! God is so good all of the time. I loved the comment you made about missionaries having to be flexible and able to adjust. I have found that to be so true with my friends who are missionaries all over the world. Continued blessings to you and your family as you go forth! Love In Jesus, pam

Anonymous said...

He always provides...

Freddy T. Wyatt said...

amen...thanks for the encouragement...keep it coming!

barrywallace said...


Thanks for the update. That's great news.

I left a comment on the 'About the Author' page of the word downtown but I don't know if you're using that site any more.

Is this blog the best place to link to for ongoing updates?

lindyjo said...

WOW! How exciting!!! I'm glad to hear that things are falling into place nicely. Love you guys!

Keva said...

Praise the Lord! I am so excited and thrilled you have found a place to live. What a great location. And your somewhat close to Aaron and Carmen...right? So awesome!

We are praying for you guys as we continue to keep the Gallery and the Coe's in our prayers. Cant wait to see what God will do with and through you.

Trevor will for sure be there in Dec for Urbanize and hopefully I will too, so...maybe we'll see you soon.