Saturday, September 27, 2008

One More Week

We are down to our last week here in Clarksville.  This morning Freddy T. and a few men loaded the truck that will pull out on Monday with our things.  Freddy T. is flying out Thursday to meet the truck and unload it, Me, Jack and Hannah will leave Friday.  We are ready to be with our things and settle into our new home.  We get possession of the keys today and they are building a wall in our living room today to create Jacks bedroom.  Paint will go on the walls early in the week and we'll call our little apartment home by next Friday.  I want to post some pictures soon... our camera cord is somewhere in a box, hopefully!  We'll show you around our new home as soon as we can.  Till then, thanks for your prayers and encouragement.


pam said...

Dear Susan, I am so excited for you. I know you are ready to be settled there. I am praying for your family for things to go smoothly and for your perfect rest. Hey by the way Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed the celebration. But Ela and I had to do some girl shopping. She is growing up! They do so fast! I remember when both of them were born. What an awesome memory. Now Ben is almost out of the house. Love to you. In prayer, your sister in Jesus, pam p.s. I can't wait to see pics of your new home! How was the sushi by the way? I am not sure pregnant women are supposed to be eating raw fish. lol Big hugs to you and safe travel for your family.

Keva said...

build a wall in your living room...only in NYNY! are you in a one bedroom, creating two or a two BR , creating three? can't wait to see pics.
praying for you guys and the Gallery as everyone adjust.

My life in NYC... said...

yay, yay, yay i'm so excited!

christi said...

Wow! This came so fast! I'm sure you have so many emotions right now. We miss you guys and will always keep you in our prayers. Have a great trip and keep in touch. Hopefully, we'll get to visit one day! Can't wait to see those little ones!!

a wandering heart said...

Wow! It's been a while since I read your blog; Susan I am amazed by the faith the Lord has given you through this journey, and praying for that peace to continue to fill your heart in the midst of raging pregnancy hormones.

My grandparents lived in Westchester County, so childhood summer vacations were spent with at least 1 week there, including visits to NYC. What an exciting adventure you will have. It's such an amazing place!