Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Joe Garrad Photography

Joe Garrad is not only a good friend of ours, he is a gifted photographer. Check out a few shots he's taken recently that involved our family in one way or another.
This is Mark and Becky Gebel. They got married on our anniversary this year and Freddy T. had the honor of being one of the pastors to marry them. You can tell it was late in the night, Becky is sporting her red converse and I'd kicked of the heels and got comfortable in my flip flops. Mark and Becky have been at the Gallery since the start and are faithful servants in our church. They were married in a park in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge was the backdrop. It was really beautiful! The reception was held at the Salt Space, where we gather for worship and where the Gallery Church offices are held. It was fun to celebrate our friends wedding in NYC. Most of the time people go to their home state or just somewhere cheaper to get married.
"I've never seen a TV like that before"
These past few shots were taken at The Gallery Church retreat. About a month ago we loaded up 4-5 big 15 passenger vans and headed out of the city to the Schooley Mountains. The church retreat is on of the best events we have each year. It is so great to get away with church family and have 2 full days of uninterrupted fellowship. You can see a group shot on Freddy T.'s blog.


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures. I guess Jack doesn't remember a TV that looks like that. So funny. Love you, Gran

Bo and Katie Kitchen said...

I love the pictures! The top picture looks like it belongs in a cool,modern art magazine, or a really glitzy wedding magazine. So NYC!


Kathy said...

I agree with Katie - very cute and fun picture. Love Mom