Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Challenge

One of the challenges Freddy T. and the staff at Gallery Church gave the congregation, during the Easter season, was to gather a group of people or one person on Good Friday or the day before and read Mark 15.  We got a great idea from one of our friends in the church to invite people over to dye Easter eggs and let them know we would be reading part of the Easter Story.  So we invited a handful of friends from Jack's school and our neighbors over.  We had a great time decorating eggs and hanging out and Freddy T. read the Easter story from the Jesus Storybook Bible, since the majority of our audience were little ones.  
 I think we had 25 cups of dye.  A little risky, but no big problems.
 Jack was so excited to share the story from this book.  We read from it most nights before the kids go to bed.

These guys paid close attention the whole time.
Overall, including our family, we had 7 adults and 12 kids!  Everyone had a great time!

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Melcy said...

this is awesome susan! I am sad I didn't get to do something like this. What a great idea!