Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Little Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with our little family a few days before we left for Tennessee.  Our kids know that we are Santa Clause, but we still have fun pretending.  And they really get into it!  One afternoon Freddy T. came home from work and said he heard Santa Clause was on his way and that they all needed to go outside and play for about 30 minutes so he could come.  So he headed out with the kids and I put out our little Christmas.
 Lillie got a high chair, diaper bag, bath tub tea set and a bike.
Elliott got a bike, a boat bath tub toy, more legos.
Jack got a scooter, puzzle,and the game spot it. 
 Walking in to find their stuff.
 Elliott trying out his bike.
 Investigating where half the carrot went... Santa had to feed the reindeer while they were here!
 Lillie trying out her new baby diaper bag.
 And tea set.
 Elliott building with his legos.

The weather was actually not too cold, so we headed out side to give the new scooter and bikes a try. 

We flew out to TN early on the 24th!

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