Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No More Paci's!

I realize blogging has not been my strong suite lately :)

The month of December was full of all things Christmas related.  I think at least 2 straight weeks, if not more, we had something every. single. night.  We were worn out but it was a good worn out.  We headed to TN for Christmas, left Christmas Eve and I returned back home with Jack on Jan. 2nd because he had to go back to school.  Freddy T. had the opportunity to serve as a small group leader at Passion so he headed down to Atlanta for a few days while Lillie and Elliott hung out in Tennessee.  We had a good break in TN, but Lillie, Elliott, and myself were sick the majority of the time.  I had a horrible cough, Elliott was in the ER Christmas morning getting breathing treatments and medicine and Lillie and Elliott were both over at a family Dr. friends house getting checked up mid week because Elliott wasn't really improving and Lillie was in as bad of shape as Elliott.  It was kind of crazy. My time with Jack here alone was sweet. I can't remember the last time we had that kind of time together.  Of course he was in school during the day, but we had all evening to hang out.  It was fun.  Unfortunately I was still feeling rough and didn't get as much accomplished as originally planned, but the rest alone was helpful.

Things are back in full swing here now.  I have a few blog posts to update on like some of our Christmas pictures, our newest family pets, Jack's 5th birthday, and probably something else I'm forgetting.  Just tonight the kids were looking through a picture book I made from our blog back in 2009, January through June.  Reminded me how much I enjoy having this to document our lives.  The kids love looking at all the old pictures.

So, for tonight I'll share our latest big accomplishment.  On Saturday the 21st, Lillie and Elliott threw their paci's away forever!

We started telling Lillie and Elliott in early December that after Christmas they were going to throw their paci's in the East River (it right out our back door).  We talked for weeks getting them pumped up for this big event.  Both love their paci's, but Elliott LOVED his.  He was pretty attached.  We would say "What are you doing after Christmas?"  They would yell, "Throwing our paci's in the river!"  "Who are you giving your paci to?"  "Baby Fishes!"  So a early last week Freddy T. told them Saturday morning was the day, we were heading out to the river to throw them away.

 One last night getting to sleep with a paci.  I've looked at this view for over 3 years... maybe I was more sad about them giving them up than they were.
 Headed out!
 One final enjoyment... in true Elliott style.  He always sucked on it upside down, always.
 Lillie's last time!
 Of course the morning we plan to do this we wake up to our first real snow of the season.  It was cold and very windy.

 Isn't that the most pathetic sight.
Yay!  My Big Boy and My Big Girl.  Elliott didn't care anymore, he was trying to guard his face from the wind and snow blowing.
Here is video documenting the action.

Lillie and Elliott have done really well with out them.  Lillie has hardly missed a beat.  Elliott has asked for it several times and had a hard time the first nap, but I think they are over it.  One more step in growing up!


Amy said...

This is by far the very best, most creative, and sort of dramatic way two parents have ever convinced their children to get rid of anything.

I'm impressed. Totally impressed.

Keva said...

That's awesome! I remember when Micah stopped sucking his fingers, it was kinda hard for me, he was growing up. Glad it went smoothly.

Anonymous said...

The picture of Lillie and Elliott on the sofa is so sweet. It made me sad when I saw their paci's bobbing up and down on the river. I wonder where they are now. I am so proud of them, and you and Freddy T. for carrying through with this. It is so much easier to let them have them as a comforter. Love you all so much. Great Gran

Anonymous said...

Another note from Great Gran. I thought it was so neat that the two paci's stayed so close together as they floated away. Like they knew they had been pals a long time. Great Gran

Anonymous said...

Love this! Jonathan said he got sad reading it and asked when Max had to give his paci up!! Tis true...I think it is usually harder on the parents than the kids :) they all look so grown up. Xoxo from TN