Monday, December 12, 2011

Jack's 5th Birthday Party

This past Saturday we had a birthday party for Jack.  This was his first party with friends and I think he would say it was a success.  It had a Lego theme to it and was full of fun and games.  When the party was over Jack came up to me and said "Mommy, well done!"  Best compliment ever!
 We had the party from 1-3, so it didn't call for much more than cupcakes and juice boxes.
The kids had to guess how many Legos were in the jar.
Pin the 5 on the Lego Man and knock down the Legos.
I made Lego bags for everyone.
Lego Happy Birthday Day Banner
Lillie and Elliott getting their prize after playing a Lego toss game.
Dropping pencils into a mason jar
Jack and a few of his friends waiting in line for a game.

Writing down their guesses from the Lego jar.
Me and Freddy T. reading off every one's guesses

All the big kids got to partner with their parents and build either a Lego truck or a Lego airplane.
The big kids showing their creations.
Jack pinning the 5 on the Lego Man.
Lillie was trying to put her 5 in thin air.  
Elliott joining his 5 with Lillie's on the wall.

Jack blowing out his candles!

The kids were divided into teams and played the egg and spoon game, except it was a Lego in a spoon.  First team to fill their jar past the black line won.

I tried to get a group shot, this was as good as it gets.

We had a great time celebrating Jack with all his friends.


Anonymous said...

Susan, you are amazing!!! This birthday party looks like a lot of fun. I might just want to have a lego day in my kindergarten class and play these games. Very creative!!! Can't wait to see yall very soon.
Aunt Di

Katie said...

I agree with Jack! Well Done! Very impressed! Conner is having his party on Monday but I am not creative we are just talking a handful of friends to the movies. Therefore I don't have to think of anything. I am lazy like that. Plus I will be bymyself since Matt can't get off of work.Grrrrr.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great party! Love the lego idea! I'm sure Jack had a great birthday!!!

Kristi Cherry said...

Looks like a great party! Jack looks so happy in the pictures! I can't wait to see that smile in person soon!

Melcy said...

the party looks awesome! I'm sad we had to miss it. the decorations were adorable! great job susan! I can see why jack thought it was a success!!