Monday, March 26, 2012


Lillie loves playing "house."  At any given minute she snaps in to "house" mode and we all take on different names.  She is always the Mom or the Baby.  Jack is Dad.  Elliott is Uncle.  Freddy T. is Grandpa and I am Grandmother.  

When she is in her zone she refers to all of us as our "house" names and if we ask Lillie to do something she corrects us and says "I"m Mom, or I'm baby," then proceeds to do what we ask.


Anonymous said...

I think it is so neat that Lillie loves to play house. Especially being around two boys all the time. I love seeing her with her dolls. Love and hugs. Great Gran

Anonymous said...

I almost missed the "Catching Up" part of your blog. I read "House" and thought that was the latest, not realizing all the other interesting things were below that. Thanks for catching us up, I enjoyed every minute of it and clicking on the "here" and seeing all the pictures of things we have missed out on. Can't get enough of seeing what my grandchildren and great grandchildren are doing. Love and Hugs to all, Great Gran