Thursday, October 08, 2009

Twins: 11 Months

I didn't even realize yesterday was Lillie and Elliott's 11 month birthday! I can't believe I'll only do this one more time.

Lillie and Elliott are all over the place. They can pull up on anything and can crawl to anything they want. Lillie can say MaMaMaMaMaMa and DaDaDaDaDaDaDa. When they are eating and you tell Elliott to say yum yum, he starts babbling but it's not a consistent sound. It won't be long till we really know what they are saying. They LOVE Jack. Elliott will laugh at almost everything he does and doesn't hardly take his eyes off of him. Lillie won't laugh at Jack, but she wants to be wherever he is. It drives Jack crazy most of the time. He'll be playing in his room and he can here the tapping of their hands and knees coming down the hall and you can hear him yelling "They're coming! Mommy, they're coming!" They are still not sleeping like we hoped they would be by now. Elliott will sleep till about 5:30. I usually give him a bottle and he goes back to sleep for about an hour or so. That is his morning bottle, he doesn't get another one till lunch. Same with Lillie but she still wakes up a few times during the night and I have to just let her cry it out. It's still been rough trying to get a good nights sleep, hopefully that will change soon. You guys can pray for that for us. We'd appreciate it.

They are so much fun. Really sweet little babies. 11 months... hard to believe!

I didn't get very good pictures with a sign. Lillie spit up pretty bad all over it after about 2 shots so I threw it away and decided to just use what I had... not much!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love reading about the chldren and seeing their pictures.


Kathy said...

Yaaaaaah!!!! I get to see them this month. Can't wait!
Love, NayNay

pam said...

I don't think I have ever seen Elliott without a smile. His smile is gorgeous, just brings forth joy and light. Lilly is beautiful and how funny, that she doesn't laugh at Jack, but wants to be around him. Hilarious what Jack says... "They're coming!" I hear them coming" wayyy tooo funny and cute. Hope your family is enjoying your new home. Love and Hugs, pam

rachie said...

Two beautiful babies....looking forward to seeing them in person soon!

Mel said...

I love it! Ella does the same thing Jack does when she hears super crawling Josie on her way. Josie is into snatching some pancakes when she can too. That especially drives Ella bonkers! But they are hysterical together. Can you believe how fast this year has flown by?!?!? It didn't seem this fast with Ella but with Josie I 'm just amazed!

Anonymous said...

Susan...The pictures are really sweet, I can't believe how much the twins have changed. Pap and I got a good laugh over Jack in the video and also the story about "There coming" That is just too sweet.
Love you all....Grandma