Saturday, October 17, 2009

More From Our Day Today

Here are a few more pictures from our day today. Our friend Mickey Micklos came with us. He had his camera and snapped a few photos of our family while we were out.

Our family picture. Several were taken, this was the only one close to being decent.
Jack was so excited to find the broccoli!
Fire Fighter Jack
This was a "harp." If you ran your fingers through the center it would run over the laser beams and make music. You can see the beams on Elliott's face.

We ate lunch at Brother Jimmy's. It's a BBQ restaurant that gives a discount on Wednesdays if you have a drivers license from a southern state. There were several signs in the place that read "Jack Lives Here". We told him to give us thumbs up... this is his version. Oh and I got to listen to country music while we were there. I haven't really heard country music for a year!
Jack ran ahead of us and when Freddy told him to stop he turned around and stood like this till we caught up.
Multi tasking!
New York City Pumpkin Patch?
Don't you love his smile! It is amazing how different he looks after his lip surgery!


rachie said...

These are great pictures! Looks like it was a fun day :)

rachie said...

Oh and tell Mr. Jack I LOVE his new smile!

Anonymous said...

Looks like yall had a wonderful day!!! I am so glad to see Jack's beautiful smile. That Dr. deserves an award. Counting our days until we see you. Love Aunt Di

pam said...

Jack looks beautiful! I love the picture of him standing in a pose with his leg out while he waits for yall to catch up. His smile is gorgeous. Little darling rascal!

pam said...

Those tomatoes look pretty good for this time of year. And your prices actually seem a little lower than ours here in TN! hmmmm. lol I love some of the open markets in NYC, when they have the, you can find such great deals on quality items.

Christi said...

Jack's sweet smile looks so handsome!!!

Danielle M. said...

If you could find out what kind of camera he has, that'd be awesome! i'm starting to take some family portraits, and these are AWESOME! :)