Thursday, October 01, 2009

Catching Up

We moved a few weeks ago. My grandmother was in town and was a huge help. Within 5 days everything was basically in its place and ready for us to function normally. Except my computer. It was left behind at our old apartment, not for good, just didn't make it in the last load over to the new place. We got the last load of things the other day. So we had the Internet, but I haven't had a computer to use during the day and then at night it's not normally a good time to actually sit down and blog. So... here is a collection of our past few weeks.

I'll post apartment pictures later today maybe. I haven't taken any yet of the finished product and its a mess right now. Once I get it straight again I'll post them.

We found a great new park 10 blocks south of our street on 125th and Riverside. It is your basic playground around here, a good size, sandbox, swings, things to climb on. We went there a few Saturdays ago and ate lunch and played. The walk is right along the Hudson River and the only hill to climb is the one on our block back to the apartment. The hill might do me in before its all done. I'm going out with the kids today for lunch for the first time by myself in this neighborhood (we've had family here almost the whole time we've lived in this apartment or Freddy has been home). We'll see if I make it back up the hill. (I really need an electric stroller!)

**Update: We went out. Bank, Rite Aide, dropped off mail, and McDonalds. We made it up the hill just fine. Not pleasant, but not horrible. I will only do it once a day if that! Oh and I didn't get as many looks and comments as I usually do when I'm out with the kids alone... or should I say I have no idea if people were making comments because all you here in our neighborhood is Spanish. I have no idea what they were saying! More on our neighborhood to come.
Jack plays with everyone at the park.

I saw someone doing this one day at the park. I thought it was the perfect way for Lillie and Elliott to swing. They enjoyed it.
Ezra spent the night with Jack a few Friday nights ago. Freddy T. and I went out with Aaron and Carmen. We had a great time. The Coe's ate dinner with us then we had a babysitter come over and the 4 of us went out. Ezra just spent the night. When we were walking home I told Freddy something was wrong with this scenario. The Coe's go home to no kids and we came home to 4! They had fun!
I walked into Jacks room one night and the monkey was sitting on him. Kind of caught me off guard! Almost scary looking!

Sundays are sometimes long days because Freddy T. has church responsibilities all day long. Two Sundays ago I noticed in the evening how quiet it was around the apartment. Lillie and Elliott were playing with toys in the living room and Jack was playing with trains in his room. It was really nice and I had the rare feeling of things being in control and peaceful!

Monday on Freddy T.'s day off he took Jack to F.A.O. Schwartz. They played there for a little while then took a pedicab through Central Park to the UWS and ate pizza. Jack seemed to have a good time. When I asked him where he went he said "Um it was like a toy store." This was them before they left on their adventure.

Lillie and Elliott are able to feed themselves! It's a total mess, but worth it. It takes them a little longer to eat and I'm usually able to get a few things done while they eat. I keep an eye on them don't worry. I'm still making their food, still pureeing most fruits and a few vegetables. But I've started cooking some of it before they eat and using my Pampered Chef Chopper to chop it up real good and then I can either feed it to them or let them do it on their own. It makes the food a little more chunky. They are eating sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, and bananas right now on their own. All smashed up of course.

Potty training update. The past 2 days have been really good. Jack finally earned his trip to Duane Reade(like Walgreen's) to get a new toy car. We told him if he pooped in the potty 3 times he would get a new toy car. That was a month and a half ago after his first poop. He finally earned it Tuesday and Wednesday! Hopefully this is quickly going in the right direction.

Jack's surgery went really well. His lip looks great. If I can ever get a good picture of him smiling then you'll be able to tell a difference. Freddy posted an update already so I won't say much, except it was so pitiful being in the OR when they put him to sleep. So sad to watch, but I'm glad he was not alone, would have been a little scary for him.

In recovery... so pitiful.

This is Jack's new way to watch a movie.

This picture was taken when Lillie could stand in her bed and Elliott still could not pull up. Oh things have changed! Elliott is crawling all over the place and pulling up on everything too. Lillie is cruising around furniture, Elliott isn't there yet, but what a handful they are!

Ok, so this was a lot. Probably more than the majority of you care to read in one post. The main reason I post is so family and friends can stay connected with us, but I've also realized that this serves as a great journal for me personally. I've looked back over the past several years and laughed at some posts that have reminded me of things I had already forgotten. Apartment pictures coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Great post, Susan! What a busy few weeks you have had! Those babies are growing so fast. I check your blog frequently to keep up with all of you. Hugs to everybody.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for bringing the family up to date and posting pictures of my precious "GREAT" grandchildren. If you figure out how to put a motor on that stroller I will see that you have one. Love to all, Great Gran

big dwagon said...

Georgie should have his costume on now that it is October

Lee Ann said...

The kids are changing so fast! We are looking forward to seeing it first hand in a few weeks. Enjoyed all the pictures. So glad Jack is doing good! Love you all - Lee Ann

Anonymous said...

Susan, I finally made it. Loved the pictures. It was good talking with you.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

We all benefit so much from you using this as a way to journal about your life as a family! The kids are just precious, and I'm glad to know that you all are settled in to your apt and enjoying it. Also glad everyone is doing well, especially Jack. Funny that everyone in your neighbood speaks spanish, reminds me of a quote, "it's none of your business what others think of you," cute but also very very true! Can't wait to see the new apt, I'm sure you have it decorated wonderfully!

Tara said...

Susan, I am so glad that you post. I feel like I can at least know a little about your life. I miss you so much! I am making Piper's food too. I have a few a few questions for you about it. If you get the chance I would love to hear from you!

Kathy said...

Love all the pictures. Can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks.
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to keep everyone updated. I can only imagine that your life is just crazy. I enjoy reading all about the kids and their progress. Can't wait to see pictures of the new apt.
Patti Smith

pam said...

cute picture of Jack and Daddy Freddy. Glad to hear they had a fun father/son adventure and pizza together. Truly God does give peace. I am so happy you feel that way Susan. Loving thoughts, pam

Danielle M. said...

AWW I wish I had the chance to babysit them! Loving the posts!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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