Saturday, October 10, 2009

Elliott and Jack

Elliott LOVES Jack. Jack's just being silly.


Glenna Marshall said...

William came in the house yesterday and saw my little pot of cinnamon, cloves, and such simmering on the stove and he said, "Someone's been reading Susan's blog!" Make that two someones, then. :)

I gave you an award:

The Fitzgerald's said...

awe!! that's cute!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Elliott think that his big brother is funny. It made me think of the times that my boys acted funny just to get a laugh out of Jack. Aunt Di

Anonymous said...

Okay, I played this video about 5 times...too cute.

pam said...

they look so cute and like they are having fun. Elliott wants those tostitos! i can't seem to get the blog video. take care, blessings, pam