Friday, October 02, 2009

Our New Place

Right around the end of August we decided we needed to look for a new apartment. Rent is so expensive here in Manhattan, especially on the Upper West Side where we lived. The neighborhood is great there and it's blocks from Central Park, which is a huge bonus, but for the space you get the price is too high. So we decided to look around other parts of the island and after about a week Freddy T. stumble across this treasure. This apartment has absolutely everything we could need and want in an apartment. It's great for our family. We are saving on rent, but had to sacrifice location. Our neighborhood is not bad, it's just very different from where we came from. We are minorities among a heavy Latino population. Everywhere you go the predominate language is Spanish. Our building is in place of an older building that burned to to the ground some time ago and 7 years ago the current building was completed. It is 7 stories and 2 apartments on each floor, much smaller than what we came from. Everyone we've met has been really nice. Half the residents own the units, actually they are condos, and the other half of us rent. A few weekends ago we had a pot luck dinner for the building. We all ate dinner out on the courtyard then the owners had their annual meeting. It was a great way to meet everyone! Anyway here is the tour. It's probably more pictures than you need to see but I want our families to have an idea of where we are living. Enjoy!

Living room standing at the front door looking toward the balcony.
Living room again standing at the balcony door looking toward the back of the apartment.
Kids room


Master Bedroom

Master Bath
Hallway standing in the doorway of the extra bedroom.
We are planning on having a family helper come live with us in January, the extra room will be hers, that's why the kids are still sharing a room.
Bathroom #2
The prized Laundry Room. You have no idea how helpful this is for me.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we noticed that Georgie now has his costume on! Now he is ready for the season. Susan, I know you are treasuring that laundry room :) Love the pictures...thanks for posting!

Glenna Marshall said...

It's awesome, guys! Loooove the kitchen! It looks like it's so much more spacious (and even updated!) than the other place, and I think it's cool you're in the neighborhood you're in. So many opportunities to share the gospel and reach other people!
I'm excited for you--it's so cute!

Katie said...

It looks great. You have done a great job decorating. It definitely looks more spacious for your sweet family. I know you are so excited about the place and the laundry room! I mean if someone told us in college that we would get so excited over a laundry room, we totally wouldn't have listen to them.

Brittney said...

Susan, if you have time sometime could you do a post on how you store and organize the kiddos clothes and toys. With all them sharing a room (like we hope to do with our family - we want to cram as many kiddos in the house that we can before we relocate) I want to get tips on storage options. The place looks amazing by the way - the decor is lovely and it feels very homey. Thanks for sharing!!

Christi said...

That place is beautiful!! What a blessing! I am so happy you guys have such a great place to live!!

pam said...

What a blessing! Very spacious and lovely. I like the balcony and nice patio. Great outreach opportunity. Are the kids adjusting well to their new rooms? It is beautiful, so happy for your family. How is the weather in NYC right now? Gorgeous here. hugs and love, pam

Anonymous said...


It looks amazing! I am so glad you have a laundry room in the apartment. Are you going to paint it silver and blue like the one we had in Murfreesboro? I loved coming back to school after the weekend not knowing how our apartment would be arranged or what color the walls would be :) Looking forward to seeing you and your family in a few weeks!!! -Becca

The Fitzgerald's said...

wow! this is great!!

angie said...

LOVE the new apartment! look like you have SO much more space and all your furniture looks like it fits just perfect!

oh, and the kitchen is so pretty!

good luck getting the kids adjusted to sleeping together!


Anonymous said...

The apartment looks really great and I am so happy that you have so much space now. It actually looks like a house. And I do know how much the washer/dryer means to you from when Pap and I tried apartment living before our first move.

God will surely bless you for all the effort it took for you to make church yesterday. We are so proud for you for your perserverance.

Thanks for the pictures. It makes you seem a little closer.
Grandma and Pap

Rebeka said...

Hi. Susan! This is Rebeka(Thompson) Smith. Nathan and I are in the middle of our transition to Manhattan. I live here now and work in Harlem on 150th and Amsterdam. Is by any chance where you guys live? I'd love to swing by and bring some goodies to your kiddos! Email me when you can