Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

It's a rainy, fall day here in NYC so we are staying inside, warm and dry.
Lillie and Elliott have learned a new trick!
We built a tent this morning under the kitchen table. It has a door and "electricity"! Fun for all!


pam said...

Susan, this is so cute, my sister and i used to make tents in my moms kitchen, living room, where ever we could grab sheets, and tables and chairs to throw them over, it was always fun & we had our dolls & toys in there, & would play for hours. Jack, Lillie,& Elliott look like they are having loads of fun! Keeps them busy & you can get things done, What a great idea!

Elizabeth said...

Chad and I were just talking about building tents! We can't wait until Georgia is ready to enjoy it. Right now she wants all the blankets on her.

Anonymous said...

Susan...I love to see the twins and love your videos. The tent looked like great fun.
Love you all...Grandma

Lindsey said...

Whoa, coolest mom ever!!!

Danielle M. said...

it's great to hear your voice, and awesome to see those kiddos grow up!