Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3 In The Tub

We had a great time last week in TN. We arrived late Tuesday night and came home this past Monday. Jack LOVED being with all his cousins, really had fun with them. It was a packed week. Wednesday I spend the afternoon with Ellie, so good! That evening we had an adult only dessert with Kristi and Bubba and Scott and Diana while all the kiddos stayed with Gran and Grangramps. Thursday we spent the day with my side of the family and had the twins one year old picture taken. It was the first professional picture they've had. I'm excited to see how they turn out. Friday we were with the Wyatt side of the family all day. We went to the Pumpkin Patch after naps and had a great dinner that night. Saturday we spent the morning with those who are partnering with us here in NYC, went to Nathan and Carries wedding that night, and my 10 year reunion afterwards. Sunday we went to church and celebrated Lillie and Elliott's first birthday that afternoon (a few weeks early). Monday we visited with Freddy T's grandmother and then had lunch with mine and headed to the airport that evening.

I'm a little tired just recounting it all! But we had a great time! When we put the twins in their bed Monday night they were so excited. They were giggling and jumping up and down. We just left them in there with the lights off. After about 10 minutes they were passed out. Slept hard all night! It was their first time back in the same room in a week. I think they missed each other at night.

I'll try to post more details once I have pictures to go with it. I didn't take any because my camera battery was dead the whole time but I'll get some pictures from others.

In the mean time this is a clip from earlier today. My first attempt at bathing them all at one time. The video is short. I have another video but I didn't do a good job hiding the private parts, so I'll just post this one. I appear to have it under control. Don't be fooled! This is only 9 seconds!


Anonymous said...

Are ya'll going to the Today show again this year for the Halloween show?

pam said...

Beautiful babies! Elliott was so cute splashing, Jack looks as if he is in his own little world playing with toys. So glad you had a nice visit in TN. I was in VA this past week and weekend and returned late monday night. Isn't it wonderful to return home to your own bed!? Yeah, good question, any special costumes this year for the kids? Get some good rest. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Susan...Loved the picturs especially the bath time photo. Sorry we missed the twins birthday, your dad said it was really nice to see the little ones with their cakes. He said Lillie really dug into her, Elliott not so much. Looking forward to the pictures....Grandma