Saturday, October 10, 2009

So far today... and a little from yesterday

Yesterday I took the kids to New Jersey to our friends house to take Lillie and Elliott's 9 month pictures. Yes, you read that right... 9 months... 2 days after they turned 11 months. I guess I'll push back the 1 year photo a month or so, that way they won't look the same at 9 months and 12 months. Anyway, even though I was 2 months late on this my purpose for sharing is that we made it to NJ and back just the 4 of us. Another "first" to add to the week.

The babies ate lunch after the photo shoot but Jack and I only had time to eat in the car. He requested McDonalds, so I pulled in and we sat in the drive through line. Jack, as serious as he could be, said "Mommy, its right there." He could not understand why were were sitting in a line and waiting when the store was right there. The whole drive through concept was foreign to him. I never though about that being a new experience before.

When we got home Lillie found Jacks half piece of toast on the couch left over from breakfast. She finished it. Jack came running in the kitchen saying "She ate it! It's gone! Lillie ate my toast!" She came crawling in with crumbs all over her mouth.

Jack was on the balcony yesterday afternoon, where I could see him, and I turned my back for a minute and when I turned around he had a stick beating my mum. I finally had a nice plant and Jack almost destroyed it. It's a quite pitiful looking right now. I guess that's what boys do?

Last night we hosted 9 or so friends from church. We had a great dinner celebrating Mickey's birthday and hanging out till the wee hours of the morning. Made 6:00 come real early this morning.

More friends are coming over for lunch. Freddy T. and Jack are down grilling hamburgers right now. I do a bible study with 2 of them during the kids nap time on Saturdays.

Tonight we are going to a birthday party, all 5 of us.

Elliott just had a meltdown, he did not take a good nap this morning so he went down for a few more minutes.

And while I was putting him in the bed, Lillie found her way to the toilet and decided to play in it. The arms on her pajamas are soaked.

It's only 11:15... still a lot more day left.


pam said...

And you still have time to write about this.... how funny! These are precious memories, that you can "remind" Jack, Lillie & Elliott about when they are older. haha! Another day in the life of being a mom! Hey it's the weekend! Enjoy your Bible study. Sounds like you have a lot planned this weekend. Your children are just adorable and you are a beautiful mother, woman and wife! with love, pam

Anonymous said...

I made this trip to Jersey with you the first time and it was quite an are wonder woman for doing it by yourself.

Brittney said...

Wow - thanks for the real life wake up call - crazy the stuff our kiddos will do. I love the part about Lillie eatting the toast. That's great. And the whole drive thru experience. This was a great post.