Saturday, January 15, 2011

Growth Community Cookie Decorating- 12.7.10

I've got so much catching up to do that if I try to back post everything none of it will ever be read, because no one is looking back on our blog to find hidden entries, so I'll just post entries as I get to them and put the date at the top of the blog.

Freddy T.'s family decorates cookies every year around Christmas. It's always been a fun tradition to be a part of. Since we live so far away and don't make it back to TN until right before Christmas we usually miss out on cookie decorating (although this year we did it the night we arrived in town). Because it's a fun tradition we have carried with us and we decorate cookies with friends and our "family" here. Jack says we have family family and we have church family. I'm really grateful for his perspective on that.

One of the ways we connect with church family is by hosting and being a part of a Growth Community. We have about 10 people that come over to our apartment every Tuesday night for dessert and discussion of the sermon the previous Sunday and prayer. It's hard to put into words how valuable these people are to us. We have laughed together, cried together, carried burdens, and celebrated victories. Lillie and Elliott don't even know this goes on because they are already in bed by the time we get started, but Jack LOVES our growth community and looks forward to them being in our home every week.

All that to say, when it came time this year for cookie decorating we knew the group to do it with. Some weeks it's equally as good to just be and play together as it would be to discuss the sermon. So early in December we did just that!
Jack was still in his sling, so he was one handing it.
Elizabeth working hard!
David concentrating on the sprinkles!
Half way done.
Emily adding her initials to the stocking.
Finished cookies.
David and Jeremy hanging out.
Too many sprinkles Jack!

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