Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Snow Days

It was kind of bitter sweet missing the blizzard that took place up here right before Christmas but the day after we got back from our vacation we got snow. It wasn't much, just a few inches, but the kids were excited so I bundled them up and we headed out side. As you'll be able to see the courtyard wasn't even completely covered. Jack LOVED being out there. Lillie seemed content and Elliott wanted to come back inside almost as soon as we stepped out.
You can tell from this picture that there's hardly snow to even play in.
Even though the snow wasn't deep, it was the good wet kind, perfect for throwing snowball.
And eating!
Jack trying to catch some flakes in his mouth.
Then Lillie tried.
Jack building a snowman.
"Steamer" the Snowman
Once you walked on the snow it basically turned to slush. Jack like stomping in the puddles.

Several days later we got a big snow! I think it was about 8 or 9 inches. I really was not excited to bundle the kids back up, knowing that Elliott really didn't like it out in the snow last time, but it was a big snow so we went for it.
Lillie on the elevator headed down.
Elliott, we'll see how this goes.
Wow! The snow is much deeper this time.
Jack brought his shovel and rake down this time to play with.
In no time at all Elliott was over it and Lillie would not keep her gloves on, so we had to go back inside. I hated it for Jack because he was having such a good time out there, but it was too much to handle on my own. So we came back up and I let Jack go out and play on the balcony.
He and Elliott had a one sided snowball fight... Elliott stood inside laughing and Jack launched snowballs at the door.

Supposedly we are getting more snow tonight. I doubt I'll haul them out in it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I am glad the children got to play in the snow. Elliott knows where it is warm. Tell Jack we have snow, too. They all look so cute bundled up for the snow. Hugs to all, Great Gran

Anonymous said...

That looks like fun. I miss you all...need an extra hand? :)