Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lillie's First Haircut! 1/10/11

We took Lillie to get her first haircut last Monday. I think the lady only cut off 1/2 an inch, but it looks better, like there is a little shape to it now. Lillie freaked out when we sat her in the chair, so I had to step in and hold her. She had a tight grip on me the entire time.
This is before the haircut, modeling a pair of blue sunglasses... upside down of course.
Not too sure about this.
Elliott enjoying the police car seat in the back ground.
All done! Trying on the white pair now!


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This pictures reminds me so much of Noah getting his hair cut. He's always on my lap. Exactly like Lilly ;-)
I hadn't beenon your blog for ages. Love the new header. And I couldn't believe how big the twins have gotten. Sending my love and best wishes for this year, Antje