Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dance Party, Trains, and Play Dough

It's snowing again! This is the 3rd time we've had a decent snow in the last few weeks. I like the snow, it's just that when it is snowing we are limited to what we can do. The two main factors are pushing a stroller through slushy, icy, snowy sidewalks is just hard! And I'm sure when the kids are older this won't be a problem, but my kids only last outside playing in the snow for a short period of time, so going outside to play other than the court yard behind our apartment is almost pointless.

So Monday, it wasn't snowing, but it was FREEZING outside. The weather men were saying to only leave if you had to. Since there was no where we had to go, we were cooped up inside all day.

You have to get kind of creative when it comes to staying in a small apartment with 3 kids all day. Monday evening Freddy T. called the kids into the bathroom to give them crazy hair, followed by a living room dance party.
Things getting a little wild!
Daddy Daughter Dance
As you can tell in a few pictures, Elliott was over the dancing pretty quick.

On Tuesday I pulled out the train table. The kids had fun playing on it while the snow was falling in the back ground.
You can typically find Lillie with some "extras" on. This flashlight is a regular these days and she pulled the headband out of the chest of drawers. She has on Silly Bandz in the dancing pictures.

Unfortunately the train table causes more fights than I ever anticipated, so we have to put it away often. But it's great when they are getting along.

This morning Jack and I made play dough. It's always fun, I just wish it was fun for longer than 10 minutes!


B.J. Caulfield said...

Aw, what fun! Last week we had a bit of cabin fever due to snow (although as I'm sure you know TN snow is nothing compared to NY! ;D).

kathy said...

ohhh, NayNay wishes she could have been at the dance party!

Kristi Cherry said...

Lillie knows that those "extras" are called "accessories"!

I bundled up Trevor this morning to go out in the snow with Bubba, and I told him he HAD to stay outside for more than 5 minutes. They made a snowman and played for almost 45 minutes! It was a success! Hudson and I watched from inside the warm house! We went out the last time it snowed and he didn't care for it too much.

We need video of FT's dance party next time! I love how Elliott always does his own thing!

Anonymous said...

Elliott just thinks yall are all crazy. He seems like a very content little guy just hanging out. I love the snow pictures with color. What a great idea. Love Jack's snow angels. My boys are too big to enjoy the snow angel thing anymore. Love to all of you. Tell Lillie Aunt Di loves her style.