Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas in Tennessee December 2010

We had a super busy and personally hard week before we left to go to TN for Christmas. When we got to TN and took a deep breath, I realized I forgot my camera, and also forgot my Dad's Christmas gift and the Christmas gifts Jack had bought for Lillie and Elliott. So I have no pictures of my own to share. We had a good time in TN with family. There is not a lot of order to these pictures, mainly just wanting to have them documented.
The kids and grand kids on my side of the family.
The grand kids. There are 10 of them 4 and younger... and 2 on the way!
My Mom reading the Christmas Story with my kids and my brothers kids.
Jack helped Nay Nay make brownies.
Then Lillie and Elliott got in the middle of it as well.
My brother James and his wife Amber and their 2 girls Karlee and Katelyn
Passing out presents.

Cookie decorating and Gran and Gramps.
Hudson getting help with his cookie decorating.
Uncle Bubba and Wyatt.... Wyatt's birthday is a few days after Christmas they they decorated a birthday cake cookie.
Jack and Wyatt
Trevor working hard.
The grand kids on Freddy T.'s side of the family...all boys and one girl.
Gramps and Hudson.
Freddy T.'s dad is the only grandfather I know that goes by 3 different names.
Diana's kids call him Gramps.
Kristi's kids call him HaHa.
Freddy T.'s kids call him Grangramps.
Gramps is the official name.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of what it was like trying to get the kids to sit still, smile, and look at the camera for a group Christmas picture. It's pretty funny!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing all the pictures. You did a good job of rounding up pictures from other people, since you didn't have your camera. They are all precious memories. Hugs to all. Great Gran

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