Saturday, January 29, 2011

19 Inches....Of Snow!

On Wednesday night we got hit with another big snow. This time the grand total was 19 inches! It's more snow than I've ever walked in in my life! I knew I had to take Jack out there to play, but wasn't too interested in taking Lillie and Elliott, so we waited till nap time and put them down for bed, put our layers on and headed down to the courtyard. It ended up being a really good decision. Jack and I played for 45 minutes and had a great time. The snow was hard for Jack to walk in, Lillie and Elliott would have been unable to move!
Lillie and Elliott enjoying the fun!
We tried 2 different times to build a snow fort. Both times my efforts caved in, I just don't have the skills. Then I noticed the snow covered picnic table and a light bulb went off. We just built up the walls around the table. From the outside you'd never know... and now it would not cave in.
Jack helped pack the snow in the sides. I don't know if you can tell or not, but there is a hump in the back on the right... that's his chimney!
Jack insisted that I crawl in first then he joined me. I thought we were going to have to bust through the walls to get out, it was such a tight squeeze. While we were in there he looked up at the center of the table and said "Mommy look! We have a smoke detector!"
Then he noticed the little dial on top of one of the legs and claimed we also had a clock!

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Gran said...

That much snow is awesome. What a great idea about the snow fort, I'm sure there will be others trying this. Alot less work. Jack looked like he was having so much fun, I'm glad he got to enjoy it.