Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And Another Snow Day!

I did it again. I loaded everyone up with lots of layers and we ventured back down to the courtyard to enjoy the snow. I think we actually stayed out there a minute or two longer than it took us to get ready this time. After calling for, wrestling with, layering on clothes for all 3 kids, I had to get my layers on. Jack stood at the door and said, "Mommy! What are we waiting on?" Like I was the one holding us up!

Anyway. There is only so much we can do in the courtyard. No hills, no trees, just a flat, tiled, squared area. Since Elliott has not been much of a fan in the past and the snow was falling fast, I decided to let them all take umbrellas out. Why not right? Maybe if he wasn't getting hit in the face with snow he would like it more. Well, Elliott wasn't really interested in the umbrellas, but the snow did slow down while we were out, so that was nice. The umbrellas provided a little bit of change of scenery this time around anyway.

So here they are, MORE snow pictures... except with a little more color!
This was our first court yard snow angel of the year.

After we came in I put Lillie and Elliott in their bed for a few minutes and ran down and collected "untouched" snow. We made Apple Juice Snow Drinks!
I can't stand apple juice, so I had a Coke Snow Drink!


Anonymous said...

Snow coke!?!? I'm coming over!!

Melcy said...

I love the pics with the umbrellas! So cute!! I got Jonah bundled up today to go somewhere close by to play... he fell asleep in the stroller before I even got to the playground. So, I ended up walking around for 1.5 hours trying to give him the opportunity to nap!

Donna said...

Thanks for all the pictures. I always love it when I open your blog and there is an update. Love all of you. Donna