Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Jack!

Happy 4th Birthday Jack!

4 years old must be a magical age, Jack is so proud to be a 4 year old!

A few days before his birthday he was standing in front of a mirror and said (while nodding his head), "I'm 4 years old! I'm 4 years old! My legs are longer, my head is bigger... yeah, I'm 4 years old!"

Because Jack's birthday falls on Christmas Eve, we decided this year to have 2 separate small celebrations. First the day before his birthday with my dad and the Wyatt's, then after Christmas with my mom's side of the family. Both were informal, but he had a good time.

Mary Coleman made a cake for Jack and I decorated it (wrote Happy Birthday Jack, there wasn't much decorating going on!)
Jack really wanted a Jet Pack for Christmas or his birthday. About 3 days before his birthday we still didn't have a gift for him and Freddy T. mentioned trying to find a jet pack. We didn't even know what to look for, so I typed in "Jet Pack" on and this came up. It was perfect and it was free 2 day shipping, so we ordered it and it arrived in TN the afternoon of his party.
He loved it! At one point I think he really thought it was going to give him real flying ability.

A few days after his birthday we had round 2 of birthday celebrations. This time was just as exciting as the first party.
He had a little help opening his gifts this time.

Freddy T. and I are so proud of Jack and so honored to get to be his parents. He is a loving little boy and full of life! We love you Jackers!


Anonymous said...

I am so blessed to be able to watch Jack grow and enjoy his birthdays. Jack you are a special four year old and I am honored to be your great grandmother. I love you, Great Gran

Donna said...

We were so happy to be a part of his celebration. He is such a joy to all of us! Lillie and Elliott are too. Love all of you. Donna